Time to get Serious

Serious Sam Fusion 2017 running on Vulkan

Yesterday Croteam released the Serious Sam Fusion 2017 beta. I decided to download it and take it for a spin, and even though it’s a beta I can say I’m not disappointed. mrgreen

They’ve done a nice job making the motion sickness controls more apparent to users. They’ve existed in the past HD games but they never had their own section, they also have a convenient link to the performance options so you can properly tweak your game.


Under Windows you can choose between Direct X 11, OpenGL or Vulkan. I tested the game on both Vulkan and DX11 with the latter having a slightly higher framerate, but only by about 10 to 20 frames give or take. My framerate averaged between 120 to 140 on Vulkan, and on DX11 it averaged 140 to 160. Still, that’s really great for a beta and even greater for Linux gamers! I’ll have to reinstall my CentOS side to test at some point, just to see how it performs compared to OpenGL. I’d test it on my mint install but that has been acting kind of funky… mad

One of things I like about this release is the option for rendering in 4K. I’m still on 1920×1080, but it’s nice to know that in the future 4k will be built in.

If anyone wants to give it a try it’s free if you own HD First Encounter, the others are to follow too in the future. melon

A video is in the pipeline


Well, I’ve been working on a video today. I would have gotten it done sooner but I started feeling sick, ended up sleeping for the majority of the day. I’ll probably release it sometime after I get home from work. I have it encoding as I’m typing this up. All I need to do is put together a thumbnail for YouTube and it’ll be good. That will also depend on how I’m feeling then too. Hopefully I can guzzle enough advil to get the job done. v

Sunday Night Open Thread

I thought it would be good to start the morning with an omelet filled with bleu cheese and herbs with some bacon and toast. That gave me enough energy to focus on some tidying up. Now I have some nice clean bedding to have amazing nightmares in. v

I also concocted a Frankentea brew inspired by Cherry Blossom season. I took a Japanese cherry blossom tea that I liked and brewed it in two cups of water, then I took it out when it was the appropriate shade of green and placed in two bags of black cherry tea. Then I waited for it to become dark. Then I discarded the tea bags and sweetened with honey, then added two cups of hot milk.

Then Yutram and I spent some time in the Gmod Cinema Server watching goofy shit. One of the videos included the origin story of the gelatinous orange shit stain in chief. trollface

NieR Automata: Take Two

I finally managed to get NieR Automata to work in Windowed Borderless Gaming, it took some going back and forth but eventually I hammered it down. The rumors are true, the game performs better when you run in a window. Why they didn’t give  us an option for borderless in a 2017 title I have no clue… But at least on PC that is still possible thanks to third party programs. wink And considering I’ve used Windowed Borderless Gaming for Crysis and Metal Gear Rising it doesn’t hurt to have another game to add to the list.

I enabled the Steam FPS counter for my latest attempt, my framerate stayed at 60 almost consistently! The lowest it dropped was 55. I still managed to die during the tutorial level but I at least made it further this time, hooray for learning! Kind of a pain in the ass to not have a checkpoint though, but from what it sounds like you’re able to save once you make it passed the first level. I might have to do what I did in MGR and start on easy to understand the game, then work my way up from there.

I haven’t run into an issue that was reported about random white or blank screens that have been happening on AMD graphics cards, though that seems to be only reported so far for Windows 10 users. trollface I’ll also have to see how well this runs on my laptop. Could make great entertainment when I’m out to lunch, for me to enjoy and for onlookers wondering how pissed off I am to be cutting and shooting the shit out of anything that moves. trollface

I think next time I go to play it I’ll try with the Steam Controller (needed anyway if I wish to play this anywhere). Some of the keyboard placements feel a little awkward to me, and also look at rebinding them on the keyboard in general. Seems weird to have your heaviest attack button to be / while you’re using WASD + your mouse to move around.

Now if I could just make it passed saw blades part 2…


White screening seems to be happening under Windows 7 for some people, as well as on NVidia cards. At least the bugs aren’t GPU exclusive. trollface

The Wall Of Shame is now available!

As promised, the wall has been created AND it’s better than Trump’s. Unlike his hands it’s YUGE!!! In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if my wall keeps out hardcore Trump supporters. trollface Seems there’s at least ONE on the wall that I can identify. v

Every account on that list has been banned from every single one of our servers with reasons listed below each entry. Going through that list one by one by one reminded me how many dumb people I’ve had the pleasure/displeasure of banning. I also took the liberty of refreshing the server list as well as other things around the site if anyone wants to have a look. melon

For any suggestions or feedback feel free to post in the comments. v

Microsoft disables Windows Update on 7 and 8.1 if you install the latest generation processors

The Grim Clipper strikes again.

I’m not surprised Microsoft would stoop this low.

A few months ago, Microsoft announced that it would not support AMD’s Ryzen and Intel’s Kaby Lake CPUs in both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. However, we did not expect the company to block the complete usage of its Windows Update tool on those particular systems.

According to reports – as well as Microsoft’s official support page – the Windows Update is not working at all on PC systems equipped with AMD’s Ryzen or Intel’s Kaby Lake CPUs that use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. This basically means that those with such CPUs will have to either use outdated operating systems that are full of security holes or upgrade to Windows 10.

I do find it interesting how they’re doing this with Windows 8.1 as well. Considering 8.1 is basically Windows 10 minus DirectX 12, all the advertising bullshit, Cortana, etc. Instead of using these stupid tactics to get their marketshare for Win 10 back up they should probably look at why people don’t want to adopt their new OS and maybe do something that isn’t completely underhanded. unamused

First impressions of Nier Automata

I played a bit of Nier Automata today, as I expected it’s got a load of bugs that need to be fixed but so far nothing game breaking. I had to enable GPU scaling in order to remove a black border in fullscreen mode, I’d rather run borderless but I tried with the free borderless gaming program but alas it didn’t work. Others are able to get it to work that way, so I’ll have to futz around with it until a patch arrives. It is annoying that you can’t play in full 1080p, it only goes to 900p and stretches in fullscreen mode. eek But I’m hoping since Square Enix and Platinum have fixed problems in the past with their games, that a patch will be coming soon. I’ll need to tinker with it in the meantime, and see what tips other people can provide.

As far as gameplay goes it hasn’t disappointed me thus far. I still haven’t figured out how saving works, and I didn’t make it through the “tutorial” as of yet, but the fighting is amazeballs. Not only can I cut down my enemies, but I can also shoot at them using my floating box robot thing.

After I died I decided to call it quits. I might pick up on it tomorrow if I’m not too busy, or I might just wait for a patch.

My plans for when the weekend arrives

I can see you dipshit…


It was brought to my attention today that a hacker was on one of our TF2 servers, he left before I could fuck with him, but I did manage to ban him from all 8 servers. We have come up with a brilliant idea that I’ll work on either tomorrow or during my weekend; a webpage aptly titled “The Wall Of Shame” which will list every single asshat we’ve ever banned over the years. When I finish this I’ll share it in another blog post. trollface It will be live at our Guild Of Slackers website. Which I should find time to work on again, updates and optimizations… Fun stuff.

I look forward to this project. melon