Au Revoir Windows 7

Well it’s official; Windows 10 Pro has been installed to my desktop. Elimination of Windows 7 is now complete unless I decide to VM it. Played a bit of Rise Of The Tomb Raider under it, seems to perform slightly better. It’s also nice to see that DirectX 12 and OBS get along nicely, now if only it did with Vulkan…

The direct upgrade from Windows 7 went much smoother than expected. The only big problem I had was resetting my audio setup. Everything else is right where I left it. Everything is properly neutered, at least until I have to run Windows Update again, though I already have that taken care of.

Now if I could only do something about that fucking alphabet in the start menu… I want to burn it with fire.

Yep… I’m hooked.

As expected I got sucked into Rise Of The Tomb Raider for the majority of the day/night. I have almost 10 hours poured into the game, 16 achievements unlocked and many more to go. I’ve been going between the main game and side quests, plus the manor which has seen better days…

Man, the Tomb Raider storyline has changed so much since I was a kid. I remember the late 90’s, reading the small booklet included with the Playstation CD which included Lara’s backstory. Originally her parents had no interest in adventure, and in fact disowned her after deciding to become an adventurer, then in the later games she loses her mom at a young age in a plane crash, and other odd changes along the way.

I still remember when the first game came out, how different it was from anything else at the time. There weren’t many third person adventure games of that caliber let alone ones with female protagonists at the time, in fact originally the protagonist of Tomb Raider was to be an Indiana Jones knock off, but instead decided to make them into a woman instead, because staring at lady bums is more amusing. trollface

If you haven’t played the original release I still recommend it, just to see where all the magic began. meeseeks

All of the gaming

I cleaned up around the OverlordCave a bit more today, made room for the PS3 next to the monitor. Sometime in the future I’ll consider getting a HDMI switch to go between my Roku and the console. I also played around with the steam controller in bed, the weather was cold outside and lying in bed with some hot tea with games seemed like a good way to spend the day. I’m in the midst of making a nice config for Quake 3 Arena, played quite nicely against bots in Hurt Me Plenty mode. I’ve always wanted to play that game on the couch, but you know… Traditional controllers are not the same. razz

I also decided to take Rise Of The Tomb Raider for a spin, so far it’s been a lot of fun. Seems even more open world than the 2013 reboot, can see myself getting addicted to this much like Tomb Raider 2013. I had a hard time putting that game down, my only complaint was them switching from AMD to NVidia’s Gumworks black box… The game runs fine but I can tell it’s not as well optimized on the AMD side. I am playing it in DX11 though, perhaps switching to 12 will improve things. I will be upgrading my desktop to 10 in a few days so I’ll be sure to test it out.

Perhaps I might play a bit more via the steam controller before falling asleep. Give myself a chance to dream about something other than Skyrim, haven’t had a good Tomb Raider dream in awhile…

Happy Halloween

My platinum dental plan.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween, and if you’re in an area of the world where there is no Halloween, a good day overall. I had fun wearing my costume to work, scared quite a few customers and even employees. People were impressed, they even thought the costume idea was a creative one, they were mostly impressed with my metal jaw. There was a Halloween contest, I’m sure they’ll have a winner picked out by the time I return to work. As of now I’m taking the rest of the week off and won’t set foot back into the place until Tuesday. I’m giving myself a little relaxation before having to endure the holiday rush. I wonder what I’ll do with myself during my time off. melon

There is no podcast… there is only ZUUL.

The podcast had to be put on hold due to time confusion, it seems the four of us had two different times in our heads when planning the podcast. We’re going to try again next Saturday at 1:00pm EST (unless things happen again). In the meanwhile I’ve taken the liberty of doing some tidying up around my Cybercave. Getting rid of a bunch of stuff and doing some reorganizing which amused the cats.

While I’m at it I’ll probably delay the next video, at least until I get things put back together. At the moment I’m having a tea break and reading some RSS feeds, then I’ll be tearing back into it.