In pursuit of a streaming device
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I’ve been getting more interested in streaming lately. My main problem though is that I want to Stream at one setup while recording a master copy at the same time in a higher framerate, and I don’t want to have two instances of OBS running, especially if the game is really GPU intensive. So I’ve been entertaining the idea of getting some external device so that I can record/stream at the same time while throwing all of my CPU/GPU power towards gaming… Hooray!

So I’ve been looking at a bunch of devices from companies like Elgato, Hauupauge, Pyle, Matrox, etc. The Matrox Monarch HD looked pretty nice, but with that I could only stream one source at a time. So far the Elgato HD60 pro looks to be up my alley, and the reviews I’ve been reading about them seem quite promising. I’m thinking after I do some more research I may purchase one. Then people can see how horrible I am at all kinds of games, at 1080p 60FPS!

Technical Difficulties
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Last night at around 7pm I started timing out getting to any of my Slackers sites, however when I login to my control panel through Bluehost everything shows up, but then throws an error if I try to access it. This morning I checked on it again before work (4am) and I still couldn’t access my sites. Running a tracert gets me out 13 hops, with the 14th one being where it times out. However if I load the dentist’s website it comes up perfectly. Both websites are on two different accounts with two different dedicated IP addresses in the same datacenter. I have no idea what the hell is going on, but if this continues when I return home I’m going to contact one of the support reps. Seems strange that two different IP’s under the same roof are giving me two different results.

So if I don’t appear in mumble, or post here it means it hasn’t been resolved yet. I’m currently typing this from work.

A rude awakening
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I was woken up a bit earlier than usual this morning by my computer. I heard it restart itself twice within about 10 seconds, which was enough to awaken me from my food and explosive induced coma. Rather than shut it off and go back to sleep I was naturally curious. So I turned the computer back on, only to find my gaming keyboard wouldn’t respond, shut it off again and turned it on, this time I got a SMART fail on my SSD. Restarted again… Almost made it to Windows and got a BSOD followed by the system restarting itself… After I facepalmed I tried going into Windows again but was greeted with a message telling me that I would need to run the repair disc.

When I got home from work I ran a couple Diagnostics from the CentOS side. I couldn’t even access the SSD, but I could see it no problem. I had Dad plug it into his system, the only thing that it could read was the system reserve partition. After a few experiments we managed to recover it, but the MBR was FUBAR’d while the drive’s health status was in good working order. I’m currently on a fresh Windows 7 install (waiting for the updates to finish installing) and so far everything seems to be stable. I’m starting to think my power supply might be getting on in its old age. I’ll run some more diagnostics tomorrow after I get everything in order and imaged to another drive, just in case the OS goes tits up again. I just need to install my graphics drivers and my usual softwares and I’ll be in business again. I’m writing this from the desktop right now, so far everything is stable.

This wasn’t how I planned to spend the second part of my split weekend, but I got a good two year run on that install of Win 7 at least. Guess it was time for a late spring cleaning?

One thing I’ll mention before I forget it, repairing the MBR didn’t let me get back into Windows. However it did give me access to my files again. Weird thing though, it found a couple of corrupted files that pointed back to a Hispanic version of the website. Which for whatever reason is left in Internet Exploder for people who run the Spanish version of Windows. O_o

Happy 4th
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Almost anything today will be happier than yesterday. I’d rather not go into full detail about it, but yesterday was full of weirdo tourists, weirdo locals, and a bunch of people that didn’t want to work because they caught the millennial holiday flu.

To celebrate Murica’ day I give you our national anthem as per Broforce.

Raindrop cakes look fabulous
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I’ve never seen anything like this before, now I want to find the ingredients and make my own!


I’m seriously considering it. I already have to order some of my pantry stuffs off of Amazon since locally we’ve stopped carrying some of my favorite things, like soba/udon noodles. Why not stock up on other stuff too? I’ve even been thinking of making Miso soup from scratch as well which already was difficult to obtain.

And when I become good at making things like raindrop cakes I’ll have to see if I can use juices in place of water. For some reason using watermelon juice as a base for something like that sounds really nice.

Holiday Weekend Open Thread
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The 4th of July weekend has barely started and I’m already fatigued. On the bright side I FINALLY have the day off when the 4th happens, only took me about 9 years to get it off… Hooray?

Fortunately customers have been nice for the most part, with a few oddballs from time to time. I had one guy today who wanted me to evaluate his laptop to see how much it was worth, not something that we do but I figured meh, why not?

He wanted to get at least $80 for his tiny Panasonic laptop, the parts in it were too old, the processor was an old Intel Celeron running at 1.8ghz, and a gig of RAM with XP Home. It would cost more to spruce it up than it would be worth to sell. Would be a great candidate for a Linux distro. You know, make it into a lean light web appliance, but he didn’t have the know how, which was understandable since he didn’t even know the differences between Windows versions. I could have probably shown him Windows 1.0 and he would have thought it was some new innovative thing. He tried to get me to buy it because it could “play games”, I didn’t laugh… but I have to tell you it was pretty hard, even for me with my super serious stone cold poker face.

First Skyrim, now Bioshock(s)
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Looks like I’ll be looking forward to more than just a shiny new Skyrim in the future, the Bioshock series is getting a polish for the current gen consoles, which means a free upgrade on PC.

if you already own BioShock, BioShock 2, and/or Minerva’s Den on Steam, you will be able to upgrade to the remastered version of the respective title(s) for free after release. It’s a circus of values!

Although Infinite will not be remastered since it already meets current PC requirements… I was kinda hoping the fruit would be less… flat.

Open Thread
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Decided to take a break from Skyrim to venture into other universes. Cracked open the definitive edition of Ori and the Blind Forest, then proceeded to play Remember Me where I literally beat the shit out of Christmas, Kid Christmas that is.

I also went out and enjoyed some nice weather with a bike ride, pretty uneventful day over all. That’s great since I’m sure the rest of my work week will be the opposite. I’ll be working more this week and the next because of the holiday weekend plus a TV tent sale. I’ve never participated in one before so this should be interesting.