Calling it an early day
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I’m needed at midnight tonight, so I’ve just finished having a bite and getting settled in. Work was a little strange today. I walked into the stockroom this morning and found a crime scene left by a now former co-worker. He barricaded our stairs off with caution tape that said “Epic Fail” (fitting that he’d own such a thing… I’m guessing it’s leftovers from his bedroom or something) and a silhouette of himself on the floor with the words “RIP” and his name. Honestly it would have been funnier if it were a chalk outline.

Now, when I say former co-worker I don’t mean he was punished for this. He put in his two weeks notice, yesterday was his last day in our department… he moved to another one. It’s going to be really awkward when our bosses see the pictures we took of the “crime scene”, and even more awkward when shared with his new boss.

The rest of the day wasn’t much better…

The Russians and their amazing version of reality.
The Russians and their amazing version of reality. avatar

Can someone explain to me how anyone would think this is real?


This morning the Russian embassy in the UK tweeted an image with the message, β€œExtremists near Aleppo received several truckloads of chemical ammo.” The only problem with the tweet? The image they used is from the video game Command & Conquer.

That’s right up there with this story about a Russian Documentary about War Propaganda during World War 1, with TF2 fan art being totally a part of what actually happened.


Foolih fools! Everyone knows soldiers don’t eat babies… just Dick Cheney.

The Open Threadness Continues.
The Open Threadness Continues. avatar

Continued being productive today by finishing up the PDF and putting it up on their website, so that’s done and taken care of. I celebrated by streaming some Jazz Jackrabbit on Twitch, so for a small moment I had MSDOS and Windows 3.1 on there which felt kinda odd. πŸ˜› Twitch streaming in the 90’s would have been weird, and painful…

I’ll have to double check my audio levels for the next time I stream. Yutram and I were pretty quiet when we spoke, me especially. The world needs to hear my obnoxious voice PROPERLY. Other than that it was a fun nostalgic time, even up to the point where I got fed up and quit. πŸ˜› Of course, lots of games were like that for me back in the day.

I rarely finished a game but loved to play them, then take a break and play another, rinse and repeat. Probably why I have such a huge collection now with only a few completed titles. Meh, I know I’ve finished more than a handful of games, but my play style rarely involves me gluing myself to one game. Exceptions to the rule would probably be 2013 Tomb Raider, Portal 2, The Half Life 2 games, Bioshock Infinite and Stanley Parable. Those did a good job keeping me invested.

Late Night Open Thread
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Quiet day today. I decided to reinstall CentOS 7 since an update to the kernal trashed it last time, and for me it’s easier to do a clean install rather than cruise through the entire OS at the CLI level. But I have a basic install to work with, now I just have to get my programs in order and the nix side will be back in business!

I also decided to go for a walk and pick up some salad and smoothie ingredients, also found a juice that begged for me to take it home.


The holiest of drinks, waiting for me to imbibe. O_O

It’s nice to feel appreciated
It’s nice to feel appreciated avatar

The dentist’s office saw my medical history template and loved every bit of it, said it was professional looking. πŸ˜› They also really love the site. I added the testimonials for it today, there’s also a form so that people can submit their own (with moderation of course). I’d love to find more work like this, it’s right up my alley and a nice way to make some coin on one of many hobbies.

Working on it has given me some ideas for this website, and the main Guild Of Slackers one. I’ve thought about making forums again but no one seems to really use those, or shows a desire to use them since we have an IRC channel and a mumble server. As far as the WordPress side I’m not sure what to do with that other than give it a fresh new look. :\

I’m the ruler of smurf goblins
I’m the ruler of smurf goblins avatar

I’ve solved almost all of Solstheim, even some quests I didn’t get to on my last play through. But my biggest WTF quest had to be helping the reiklings murder the lazy nords, thus causing me to become their ruler.


Then I wandered behind their throne (which is too tiny for my ass) and was accompanied by what one of my friends calls “twerking smurf”. You can’t tell from the pic, but that’s totally what he did. I stared in amazement.


Yeah, that was a weird quest. The last time I did it I helped the lazy nords take back the castle, then embarrass the hell out of their leader. πŸ˜› Nope, this time I’m the blukake goblin king queen… Would have been funnier if this took place in Labyrinthian.

Skyrim Open Thread
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After a hard day of work I decided to kill some time in Skyrim by wandering the island of Solstheim. I’ve defeated Miraak, and protected Nirnroot from the horkers.


I love Solstheim. I’ve never played Morrowind, but I love the scenery. Tel Mithryn actually reminds me of Teledahn from Uru, those shrooms…


I even had a small audience on Steam by having a friends only broadcast. πŸ˜€ I have witnesses for the crimes I may or may not have committed. :v Actually, my character is a goodie two heels. A murderous goodie two heels but still, not as evil as one would expect me to have it when left to my devices…

Open Thread
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Almost done with the doctor’s website. I just have to take care of the testimonials and a couple other details and that will just about cover it. I’ve also taken on work creating a new medical history form from scratch, spent most of the morning/afternoon on that in MSPub. Then I’ll turn it into a PDF and put it up on their site so people can download/print it out. It’s a good thing I have all these tools on hand, haven’t touched them in years (or ever before) and now they’re being put to good use. Pays to install all of the things. πŸ˜›

If you have Wyrmstooth you’d better hold on to it
If you have Wyrmstooth you’d better hold on to it avatar


In case no one has heard, the creator of Wyrmstooth has taken their mod off of the Skyrim Nexus, Steam, everywhere. They also took down every website and account at other websites that they could. It’s sad, I really liked that mod. I still have copies of it though. I was actually wanting to review that mod at some point when I find time to do that sort of thing again. But it was a beautiful mod with great scenery, adventure, and brilliant humor and voice acting for something fan created. It’s a total shame this DLC sized mod was pulled. πŸ™

I’m not sure this is how Microsoft wanted to advertise their latest OS
I’m not sure this is how Microsoft wanted to advertise their latest OS avatar

One of the many reasons I’ve held off from upgrading to Windows 10 is the fact that I don’t have control over when updates occur. Some say that it isn’t so bad, but clearly they haven’t been in the middle of something when it decides that it wants to restart. Some strange occurrences have been taking place recently, from upgrade prompts showing up on local weather reports to PC Gaming streamers getting hit with updates, Microsoft is getting more of the wrong publicity.


This guy (who already runs Windows 10) had his game session interrupted by an update even after changing the settings. I would be seriously pissed if that happened to me, especially if I was working on a project or Streaming for my friends. Of course, we all know Microsoft’s love for PC at this point, otherwise this would have been fixed before or not long after release.

Today’s weather forecast: UPGRADE BITCH!!!!

As I’ve said before, I’m not upgrading until they get rid of that problem, and a bunch of other problems… Until then Windows 7 and CentOS work swimmingly.