Ok I’m awake now
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So this blog and I have had one thing in common for the last few days… We’ve both been pretty dead. I took over a freight position for someone who has been on vacation. It’s actually been going rather smoothly, but when I get home I have next to no energy which is in part due to having to work mornings instead of swing shifts. So it feels like all I’ve been doing is working, going home, sleeping, waking up, eat and play a bit, go back to sleep, wake up and get ready for work, go home, sleep, wake up, sleep again etc etc. Hell, last night I was playing Skyrim, went afk to get something and next thing I realize I fell asleep in my chair with my character spinning around in Markarth. O_o I have one more day of it and things will go back to normal.

If the job ever came to be available I’d probably go for it though, freight in electronics isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I mean I’m not much of a morning person but I could find ways to adjust. In fact I’ve been getting praised and told that I’m better than the actual freight guy.

Yes I’m hyped, no I’m not pre-ordering.
Yes I’m hyped, no I’m not pre-ordering. avatar

All has been calm on the western front. I’ve had some people ask me if I was going to preorder MGSV Phantom Pain, FallOut 4, Mad Max etc etc, and to that I say no. Mostly because for one the pre-order bonuses (when offered) aren’t worth it to me, and the amount spent on even one of these games is a bit much for me right now. That and I have a large collection of games to keep me busy, or the way my game habits have been lately I should say Skyrim has been keeping me busy.


I imagine between modding that, server management, playing on said servers and just working in general I’ll be plenty busy by the time they all go on sale alongside all the other games that I want to buy.

So it’ll happen eventually. In the meantime I have no problems making sure I’m not bored. In fact I can’t even remember the last time I was bored. O_o

Guild Wars 2 is now free sorta.
Guild Wars 2 is now free sorta. avatar

So, now that I’ve found some stuff to read (and time to read it) I found some stuff in my RSS feeds. BTW if you’re using FireFox and want a nice RSS reader I can recommend Bamboo. It’s proven itself worthy of my subscription to the entire internet.

Anyways onto what I was supposed to be writing about that may or may not interest me. Guild Wars 2 is now free… kinda.

The main game is free, however you’ll have to buy the new expansion coming out. Seems like an interesting way to do it.

“We believe that if people love Guild wars 2, they’re gonna buy the expansion pack,” O’Brien says when I ask why ArenaNet is doing this. “The expansion pack is such a great value. There’s so much content, not only in the expansion pack but in all the free updates that will come past that.” While Guild Wars 2 is now free, it won’t receive future content updates—including the newly announced raids. Those are earmarked for Heart of Thorns, which will essentially become the live version of the game.

I guess one of these years I might give it a try. Maybe even give Guild Wars another try. Back when it was given to me I didn’t really have an interest in MMORPG’s, but with my happy fun time adventures in Skyrim I feel like I’ve learned to appreciate another genre. But that might be a ways down the road because… games. There’s lots of them.

The obligatory what I’ve been doing in Skyrim thread
The obligatory what I’ve been doing in Skyrim thread avatar

I haven’t really had much to write about but I’ve had plenty to keep busy with. Things like what you don’t ask? How about some Skyplatoon?


I’ve been having fun painting all of Skyrim and killing enemies with blue and orange inks. I even killed a dragon.


I’m currently wandering the land of Wyrmstooth; it isn’t perfect but it’s still loads of fun. If you haven’t played it yet and want new land to explore you should download Wyrmstooth and Falskaar. Both are amazing new world mods with lots of looting and adventuring. I’ll probably wander around in it some more later. I also played some Skyrim during my lunch break the last couple days… I think I need mental help. That’s not really because of Skyrim though, I’ve needed mental help for years. :P

No such thing as a free lunch, or a set schedule.
No such thing as a free lunch, or a set schedule. avatar

My adoring public need me tomorrow at noon. So my weekend gets to be split up. I hate doing splits, they hurt…

Speaking of work I guess I don’t really talk about it that much anymore. Mostly because it’s pretty laid back compared to every other job that I’ve had. Tonight we had a 9pm release for a couple games; Gears of War and Madden 15. I think we only had two people show up. :v

We’ve also been selling a bunch of small TV’s. I wish we earned commissions because the paychecks would look a lot more nice.

I guess if I had to complain about anything tonight it would be this one guy that frequently comes in. He’s the kind of guy that wants you to literally hold his hand through anything. He’ll just look at the device he buys and throw his hands in the air because it confuses him too much.

He wanted to downgrade his laptop from Windows 10 to Windows 8 because Skype isn’t working properly, in fact he brought his laptop in the other day because he wanted us to solve the problem for him. We confirmed that his audio device was working properly and told him that it was something with Skype itself and gave him suggestions on what to do. So he came in tonight and wanted someone to downgrade it for him. My co-worker who was acting as superior tonight decided to start the downgrade about an hour and 45 minutes before the store closed. It took forever… It had a 1.5 GHZ dual core processor and 4 GB of RAM and the drive was mechanical, not an SSD. He left the laptop with us, and I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed considering that as far as I’m aware he didn’t even buy the laptop from us… and I’m not even sure why my co-worker decided to do this. I hope he doesn’t get in trouble. I wouldn’t have even rolled the system back. I would have just told him to go online and search for instructions on how to do a rollback. Oh wait… I did tell him to do that the other day when he brought it in. I guess reading is too hard.

Hopefully the rollback goes ok. I’ve been reading up on Windows 10 and rollbacks and it hasn’t really been going as smoothly as planned. Needless to say I’m going to distance myself from this situation as much as possible. It’s pretty cheap of people to come in and expect us to do computer maintenance for free. If you bought the computer from us that’s one thing. But otherwise it isn’t something we are being paid for, and you’re an idiot if you think you’re special enough to warrant our help. No thank you, we don’t get paid neeeearly enough to put up with that bullshit.

Just when I switch to FireFox I find this out…
Just when I switch to FireFox I find this out… avatar

So this isn’t looking very good for FireFox users…

Mozilla has announced a new Extension API for Firefox browser called ‘WebExtensions‘ that is compatible with API used by Blink-based Chrome and Opera browsers, and they want to deprecate current Firefox XPCOM/XUL/XBL APIs from 12 or 18 months from now.

I’m hoping Seamonkey gets fixed before this happens, or that the developers get the more important plugins like NoScript working under the new FireFox. I don’t see why they’re doing this, the one saving grace of FireFox is the giant library of addons you can choose from. And now they’re going to try and be more like Opera and Google Chrome? There’s a reason why people use FireFox and Seamonkey, and that’s to not use Opera and Google Chrome. I’m not the only one with a gripe about this either.

I’m all for change and everything, but this is like the changes that have been done recently to Windows 10, or someones favorite Linux distribution, unnecessary and annoying.

Time for a new browser
Time for a new browser avatar

Seamonkey has been pissing me off lately with a couple bugs. When I watch a video for the first time and want to adjust the volume the video freezes. Another bug and this the most annoying one, whenever I download a file it randomly fails and I have to retry. Most of the time I can get it to work on a retry, but with certain downloads it requires me to redownload a file more than twice… and that’s a waste of bandwidth and time that I don’t need. Another bug and this seems exclusive to my CentOS 7 install is the inability to play audio within the browser… So I’ve made the switch to firefox.

It’s gonna take some getting used to, not a whole lot though since it’s fairly similar to seamonkey, and that makes sense since they’re both under the mozilla umbrella. I installed my usual selection of plugins (FlashBlock, NoScript, etc), and installed NewsFox as my RSS reader. At some point I’ll get around to installing Thunderbird.

I can tell I’ll need to get used to FireFox’s aesthetic. But it shouldn’t be too difficult.

My thoughts on Windows 10: Chapter One
My thoughts on Windows 10: Chapter One avatar

I’ve been keeping up on the news regarding Windows 10 and so far I haven’t been really impressed. One of the things I dislike about it is the fact that you can’t turn off Windows Update unless you have the business version of the OS. This could get annoying if you’re writing a document, working on a project, chatting, playing a game etc as there seems to be no way to postpone the process.

Another problem is datacaps and internet connections in rural areas as people are finding out.

Consumer groups have slammed Microsoft for its policy of forced updates for Windows 10, which is hitting customers in remote locations with massive bill shocks by blowing out their data caps.

But they warn bill shock may affect many more customers, regardless of where they are located. And, with many customers yet to receive their monthly internet bills, the full extent of the problem may not yet be apparent.

Maureen Hilyard, an internet user in the Cook Islands, an autonomous region associated with New Zealand, claims she faces a bill as much as $NZ600 ($A532) for the month of August, thanks to Windows 10 automatic updates.

I’ve never even thought about this before. But because of the way Microsoft wants to roll out updates now, it’s pretty much mandatory to have an internet connection and a good one at that. Why? With Linux and older versions of Windows this wasn’t a requirement, and I don’t see how Microsoft can think this will be a good idea. I’ve been having customers ask me about Windows 10 and so far everything that I’ve told them about has made them either stick with older versions of Windows, or contemplate getting a tablet or switching to Mac, and in semi-rare cases consider Linux.

I remember when they rolled out the XBox One it was supposed to be an online 24/7 console, and if you lost the internet connection you wouldn’t be able to play any of your games. I also remember they got enough flak for that decision. Microsoft has to get it together and realize that yes we have the technology and the internet connections to pull this off, but people don’t always have the access or the money to make it work.