It’s the Steam sale and I’m still stuck in Skyrim.
It’s the Steam sale and I’m still stuck in Skyrim. avatar

As I said in an earlier post I’ve had to start my Skyrim adventure from scratch. It didn’t take me very long to get back to where I was at, in fact I’m way above what my previous level was. I thought it would be fun to share some more insight on my adventures.


With great regret I had to remove the Nigel mod. It made my game extremely unstable which in retrospect is kinda funny. Leave it to Nigel heads to mess everything up. It’s the next best thing to trollfaces. :v Still, I kinda miss them. Everywhere I went on an adventure I would see them.



Speaking of trollfaces.


I installed a mod that adds the legendary trollface as a moon, including other rage comic faces. They change with each moon phase. So far it’s been rather enjoyable, and much safer than the Nigels. :v


I didn’t really change much on my character. Other than I found a cloak that lets me keep my tail.


This way I can continue to look ridiculous. I’ve mainly been trying to stealth as much as possible in this game. Although in some particular cases (like in the pic above) my inner pyro emerged and set ablaze anyone unlucky enough to cross my path… or something. Must have been those devil horns.

Summer is in session (and the asshats are out in full force)
Summer is in session (and the asshats are out in full force) avatar

I can tell because all the 12 year olds have been out in full force trolling some of my servers. I’ve banned 7 people within the last few days for various reasons. All in Garry’s Mod… Sometimes I think it would be easier to just ban the entire gmod community and let people in one at a time. :P But I don’t have the time of day to be gatekeeper, so I’ll just read the chatlogs.

Oh well, there is a plus side to summer. BBQ’s! We’ve been enjoying the weather these last few days. It’s been in the 80’s. I even went for a walk today and took a picture of some flowers.


Hopefully this will be a good summer.

Skyrim Open Thread
Skyrim Open Thread avatar

I hated doing it but I had to start my Skyrim adventure back from the start yesterday. I learned that if you kept adding and removing mods further and further into your game it can potentially become unstable. It got annoying having to restart the game after frequent crashes. I even tried running a program called LOOT but it couldn’t fix my saves. If anything it made the game crash even more. But it feels good to start fresh anyway, and since I’ve restarted I’ve only had a couple weird instances I’ve been able to get around. Although there were a couple saves of my current game that refused to start. I had to backtrack a little to get the game to work again which I thought was weird.

At least I have a better understanding of how the game works.

From Skyrim to Audiosurf 2
From Skyrim to Audiosurf 2 avatar

As promised I’ve been playing other games the last couple days. Mainly been playing Audiosurf 2. They released a new update that changes the interface and makes it easier to search for internet songs. It looks like they’re trying to make it look more big picture friendly.


I kinda like it actually. Makes things look a bit more open. But yeah, I’ve really been losing myself in music lately, so this is a good time waster.

Weekend Open Thread
Weekend Open Thread avatar

For the first time in a looong time I actually had Saturday and Sunday off. Since it’s memorial day weekend the street fair has been going on so I’ve actually managed to catch it this year. I’ve enjoyed some nice fish tacos and yesterday I bought a nice warm hooded poncho.

I’ve still been playing an absurd amount of Skyrim. At home, at lunch etc. Most of my co-workers play it too, but for console apparently. I’ve been having fun describing my adventures with mods which has caused them to drool a considerable amount. Bragging that you killed a dragon by flying after it and breathing fire is a good way to make jaws drop. The modding has completely sucked me in, and I’ve been having trouble getting out of it. I think tomorrow I should take a break from it and play something else… if the temptation doesn’t overwhelm me. :P

My crazy Skyrim adventures thus far
My crazy Skyrim adventures thus far avatar

For my 3 day weekend I’ve plunged myself into the lands of Skyrim. I’ve been going on some bizarre adventures, downloading mods to enhance the experience, and of course doing some light hearted console commands to make things more fun. Some of my fellow dragonborn buddies have been watching me stream my experience. We’re all in agreement, I have one hell of a female khajiit character.


Yes, I am literally the dragonborn… cyborg/human/cat/dragon? The wings are a mod I found on the nexus (it’s also on Steam) that lets you float around with functioning animated wings. You can make a potion at any cooking pot with various ingredients. With another additional mod you can also use a flying spell. Which is funny since I recently learned how to breathe fire and ice.


It consumes a lot of stamina when I use it though. So I had to hack a bit to sustain my long fun flights. Only a tad though.


Of course, even before I found the wings I still had fun traveling on foot. The scenery is beautiful, the quests have been fun (even though so far I’ve been finding them and solving them by accident) and the fighting is always fun. I’ve been doing a combination of regular fighting and stealth.


Stealth has been funny for me, especially when they’re sitting in a chair.


I’ve also learned what it’s like to have a companion, and how annoying it is. I almost always bring Lydia along for my own amusement. She’s like my own personal Kenny from South Park. She’ll die multiple times and then eventually get better. I felt a bit generous though and decided to give her some armor to protect her and a better sword. I found these playermodels at this site. I plan on downloading more, and maybe through some hax magic I might add them to other NPC’s for shits and giggles.


Lots of the mods I installed are ones that I stumble upon while exploring. There are a ton I haven’t found yet, but this one was totally worth finding today.


Yes, I can now craft joints and a dragon bong… Legally! They also have a nice collection of plants… and a guy that stands outside in them enjoying the scenery.


All in all I’ve really been having a blast in this game. I’ve even been reading the books… while streaming my gameplay, if only to prove that at least one person in the United States has some reading comprehension. :v