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The last couple days have been cold and foggy. We’re arriving at that time of year… I’ve been lighting at least one candle when I come home to shed some color and add extra light on an otherwise dim day. Between the dreary weather and the scented fucking candles I’ve been put into a small coma. Which perks me up for a bit at dusk. I should be happy about the added rest, I just wish I didn’t lose track of myself as easily. One minute I get up from my desk to grab something, and the next I wake up cocooned in a bunch of blankets.

I think after work I’ll pick up some red wine to make a nice mulled wine. I’ll have a couple days off in a row and it’s supposed to be pissing down rain. So I might as well stay in, drink hot beverages and embark on indoor activities that I’ve been needing to do. Like shopping.

Process of emulation
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I’m not sure why, but lately I’ve been on a bit of a kick with emulators. Not just DOSBox but some other ones as well, mainly for the Playstation 1 and 2 and a bit of the Wii. Tonight I decided to play a bit of Devil May Cry, which never got ported over to PC and I always wanted to see what started the series. So far the game and the emulator have been pretty straight forward. It’s quite nice running these older games at 1080p with none of the console blur., something that always annoyed my eyes during the PS1 era. It works nicely with my F510, haven’t tried the Steam Controller because I wanted to go for a “familiar” experience.


As far as game play goes Devil May Cry is quite enjoyable, it feels like DMC4 to me minus some features. The controls are easy to get used to, although using Y as the jump button in place of A or X seems weird, but not really that awkward. I’m sure it’ll get hairier the further I get into it, but that’s fine. I’m not much for things that are too easy.

If they did a proper remaster or port for PC I’d definitely buy it. I’m not sure why they would leave the first two games in the series out (although I’ve heard rumor that the 2nd game was ass). You start with Devil May Cry 3 on PC, and because of Capcom’s shitty porting from the mid 2000’s you can’t really enjoy it unless you heavily mod it via nexus mods. Honestly at this point I’m not sure if I should try the mods or just do a full blown emulation. I’ll probably look into that when I finish the first game and attempt to try the second.

Gotta go fast!
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Instead of ye olde Skyrim I looked through my vast and nearly infinite game collection that I know damn for well I’ll probably never complete. I arrived at the Sonic portion of my library and turned to Yutram, as we’ve talked recently about characters in the Sonic The Hedgehog series (I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea of a goffik hedgehog wielding a gun actually existing) and figured he would send me in the proper direction. For the worst experience there was Sonic Adventure 2, and from what he heard Sonic Generations would be the best experience. Naturally I tried out the worst first to get my self loathing routine out of the way and made it to the first boss fight on the hero story arc before calling it quits out of frustration. I’m supposed to attack the cockpit, but couldn’t quite get it to work… Then I decided to say fuck it to the whole thing and went to play Sonic Generations, that was much more pleasant. I like the idea of going in between classic and modern sonic modes. And the graphics? Pretty bitchin’ for a sonic game.

I also discovered the casino DLC, where I found Pinball. One of the greatest games I’ve ever played. The overall experience was much more enjoyable. I’ll try to get back to Sonic Adventure 2, but that felt more awkward than anything. Who knows? Maybe playing the other games will get me more tailored to it.

A small break before heading back to reality
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The Goblin Queen and her allies.

As hectic as work has been lately it felt nice to sit down to some Skyrim today. I’m back in Solsthiem searching for caves I haven’t encountered yet during this playthrough. Got my hands on the magic spiders and even crafted some of my own. The lightening and oil spiders are my favorites, though all of them are great to send to kill enemies. The blue goblins are also quite formidable against quite a few people. I saw a pack of them take down my Dremora lord. Of course I put them all in their place with my electrical crossbow. 😛 The ones that randomly appear when I’m in danger have been handy, enough to the point of me keeping one around as a follower. I have no regrets about becoming goblin queen, though given my current circumstances it still weirds me out.

This week and next week might be a little hectic for me. I have split days off both weeks, some of the customers have been entertaining me with their blatant stupidity though. I don’t know which was better… The lady looking for a case for their iPhone Galaxy 6 or the guy that wanted to know if all of our laptops came preinstalled with the bible… Work has been dragging me down and I think the 18 hours of sleep I awoke from this morning might be a sign. This whole time I still don’t consider myself a morning person, and the changes they’ve been making in our department would be great if we were all scheduled accordingly. But since we’re spreading ourselves thinner and thinner while also looking into laying off a couple more people I’m not sure how this is going to play out.

Work Work Work…
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Yesterday I came from work and BS’d with the usual cast of characters for a few hours, only to get a couple phone calls for extra hours at work. So I ended up working on my day off today, tomorrow I have a full day, and next week I’m covering someone else out for a doctor’s appointment. I sure went from free time to high demand. Oh well, more money in my pocket.

Speaking of money I handed in the laptop, they were quite impressed with it. They might even be sending some more work my way in the future. With the holidays coming around it’ll be a big help. I’m trying to stay on top of gifts this year, making sure everyone gets their stuff on time. It was always difficult in the past when I worked evenings because the post office closes so damned early.

A little bit of Rocket League
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My Carsona… Is that even a thing?

Decided to play some Rocket League since it’s been awhile. So much has changed since I was last there. Played a new mode that had these really cool comic book style powerup’s in it. They had hurricanes, spikes, magnetic ropes and a bunch of others. I also found out I could save replays and edit them like you can in TF2. I’ll have to come back and experiment with the replay editor and perhaps remap some buttons. Once I get that figured out I’ll publish a video of my few epic moments in the game.

Btw, if you haven’t heard this game is in SteamOS beta. Check it out on Linux!

Sunday Evening Open Thread
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I promised myself that when I woke up today I would prepare Miso Soup for breakfast. I did not disappoint myself, it was very good. Around lunch time I threw in some soba noodles. There are no more leftovers… I’ll have to make more.

Other than that I pretty much kicked back. I was thinking of tidying up a bit but my body kinda told me no. Ended up going into the cinema and watching goofy stuff, then kinda-sorta babysitting some kids that appeared. I managed to ban one of them. Then I played a small bit of Skyrim because I realized I went almost an entire day without wielding a sword… That is a problem that needed to be corrected.

Oh, I also have a new scarf. You can see me rocking it with my purple white hair.


So many people think the silver hair is deliberate, I was going to fix it… but with all the positive feedback I figured I’d keep it. Plus this is going to sound strange, but I’ve started to like it. Even though people at work see my Skyrim character and assume that it’s literally me recreated in the game… Lovely, I have a doppelganger… And it isn’t Bacon Lara.

More work on the craptop.
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It looks like I won’t be having to install win 7 64 bit on that laptop. I ran Windows update all last night while attempting to sleep and everything updated perfectly. I only had to manually update the encryption/decryption PCI device, which I had to download from Lenovo since I couldn’t find it on Toshitba’s website. Focused mainly on software when I got home today, tomorrow I’ll do some final tuning up and install additional security measures. They should be happy with the results. 🙂

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I spent most of today working on a co-workers laptop. I forgot how much I hated Toshibas… This rectangular frisbee has only 2GB of RAM and a 2.16 Celeron, and yet it came with a 64bit version of Win 8.1. It left the poor thing running at 53% RAM usage at an idle…

Their website isn’t that much better, locating drivers is completely useless. I ended up having to look for the PCI/VEN codes to determine what I needed to download, got most of it hammered down too! However there are a couple of devices that I haven’t had much luck with. There are a couple more tricks that I can try, but if I fail it’s an upgrade to Win 64…

I also played around with a program called VSee, a HIPAA compliant webcam chat. It worked quite nicely! It was like using mumble, but people saw my face O_o and I saw theirs. It was a fun and awkward adventure.