A Server Owner’s Job Is Never Done

I wanted to have a little get together on my Serious Sam Fusion Server (try saying that three times fast) but ran into a problem… After updating it the damned thing decided to segfault. sad I’ll look into the issue when my head is a little more on the coherent side. We ended up playing on the Serious Sam 3 Server instead, and that was fun as always. I’ll really need to get cracking on the server side, performance under Fusion is even better than under SS3.

Late Night Open Thread

Went through my footage so far; ended up deleting about 80 gigs of stuff I didn’t need or didn’t turn out how I wanted it. I still have some other clips that can be published but require more before they can be released. Good excuse to play more I guess! Assuming I don’t pass out first when I come home…

I think I will release a tutorial sometime soon though regarding multitrack audio editing in shotcut. I still can’t find a good tutorial for it and I’m sure there are some people out there that would benefit from the knowledge.

Gaming in the past and present for the future.

As I said in my previous post I was heavily involved in new games I haven’t played yet as well as sourceports for older games. In this case I had an itch to play the older Quake games; Darkplaces for the original Quake and Q2Pro for… well it’s in the name really. razz It felt so weirdly awesome to play at 1440p on both of them. I even did a bit of online action in Q2Pro, just mowing through a coop session and even then not for very long.

But enough of living in the past. There is also a future! Which looks back on the past kinda… I preordered Yooka Laylee awhile back on BundleStars, which is a platformer that pays homage to games like Banjo Kazooie. Unfortunately OBS wouldn’t let me record any gameplay but I did manage to take a bunch of pictures.

I went into this game thinking it would be a throwback game mostly aimed at kids, and it is… But there’s some adult humor thrown in along the the ride that’ll make old time gamers laugh here and there, for example:

Between that and meeting the “Trowzer” Snake I had a nice smile on my face.

There was also another character I met named Rextro, who is basically the embodiment of old retro games. His design is definitely of a more prehistoric era when it comes to games. razz This title has quite a bit of tongue and cheek humor, but the gameplay doesn’t seem very challenging. I’m still early in though, and I’m only on the 2nd level. I really wish I could have recorded my gameplay yesterday, but for whatever reason OBS seems to hate it. I may try experimenting with AMD’s ReLive, though I really don’t care for the interface…

Open Thread + GTA5 Stuff

I won’t go too deep into detail but it was a crazy work week with plenty to do after work, to the point of not having enough time to sleep. Then by the time I got off yesterday I started feeling real sick resulting in a 15 hour sleep. Needless to say I feel better now. melon

I decided to purchase GTAV in light of them supporting mods again, haven’t modded it yet but I have been playing a bit of the online portion.

Been playing in solo mode online to get a feel for how everything handles, which works for me since I’ve mostly been sight seeing. Graphics seem fine although I was hitching during driving at the start. I think I finally found a good graphical balance, or maybe it was the online portion being wonky…

Evening Open Thread

I haven’t had much to write about lately. Work has been keeping me busy, next week will be busier with Murica’s birthday coming up and all. I didn’t really have much time to play anything today, we found out we’re having an inspection of our living quarters on Friday, so I did my part today. Tomorrow I’ll dust everything… I also have to take care of dinner, not sure what I’ll make. The weather has been nice, I may make something light like sandwiches.

The Overlord’s Elixir

This doesn’t count as a tea, but sour watermelon “tea” is heavenly hydration at its best.

We all know watermelon is the king of summer. In ancient times, travelers kept themselves refreshed by carrying watermelons instead of water while crossing the African Kalahari Desert. Today, this sweet pink fruit has become a staple at barbecues, pool parties and picnics. But if you ask us, this tart and juicy brew takes our favourite melon to a whole other level. Try it on ice with sparkling water, honey and a squeeze of lime – it’s the ultimate summer thirst quencher. Pucker up!

Damn you Canada! I predict I’ll be ordering this for as long as I can. melon

Sunday Night Open Thread

I don’t have much to say. Been playing around with some of my stuff from the Steam Sale, took a break to chill in the Gmod Cinema with friends. Then we had a look at potential maps for the Quake III FFA server. I’ve collected some nice candidates for installation tomorrow. I’ve found quite a few websites with relatively new maps! I shouldn’t be surprised given Doom still has a large group of modders to this day. The old school websites are still around, and I’ve even discovered ones I never knew about before. This place looks quite promising. Considering I haven’t added any maps to the game since the early 2000’s I’d say the time is overdue. melon