OBS is now my one and only.
OBS is now my one and only. avatar

I’ve been tinkering with old DOS games and finally found a way to record them under OBS without crashing DOSBox or recording a blank screen. I’ve been tweaking some .conf files to make the games play more to my liking. Now I can fully retire FRAPS, although to be fair I haven’t really used it since a friend on Steam showed me OBS. I kept FRAPS installed in case I ever felt like recording DOS games. I guess that won’t be an issue anymore. :P I’ve stress tested Commander Keen and Jazz Jackrabbit and it recorded quite nicely.

In case you haven’t heard of OBS it’s a capture/streaming program. However unlike FRAPS you can install additional plugins and it’s fully Open Source. Also unlike FRAPS it’s also Linux/Mac Friendly. You can check it out here.

Swing and a miss
Swing and a miss avatar

I had something pointed out to me at work that I wasn’t going to write about. But with the events that happened yesterday I feel like I should. I’ve been stewing at it since then and I really need to get this written out. So lets start from the beginning.

Two days ago when I showed up for work one of my coworkers shared something he stumbled upon from a website that posts lots of junk, someone posted in the personals section of said site looking for someone they saw working at a particular place, with particular hair, and a particular item of their body they had a hard time not staring at. The place they described was where I work, and the person they described was me. I was a little creeped out by it. But I shrugged it off anyway and figured it wasn’t anything worth writing about. It was posted over a month ago, so why make a big deal out of it?

That was until…

Yesterday I was helping someone in our console section, and he wanted to know the improvements were between the old gen and new. So I filled in the details and he ended up telling me he hasn’t cared about consoles in a long time and that he preferred PC. So we talked about PC gaming and how fun it was to mod, and then we got on the subject of Skyrim, it was a nice conversation and it left off on a good note… until I walked off. Then he commented about that particular part of me that he found attractive. I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t my eyes. Anyways the comment hit me below the belt and ruined my mood for the day. I wasn’t expecting this especially a day after having it pointed out to me that someone was looking for me on at least one particular site. I informed everyone who worked with me about these events so they could keep a lookout.

What pisses me off is that the conversation went really well, we had some common interests, he was real nice looking, but then he had to ruin it with a sexual comment. He might as well of said “Hey I got a bucket of chicken… ya wanna do it?”.

This world man… where did everything go wrong.

Tea Blogging: Republic of Tea’s Cinnamon Plum
Tea Blogging: Republic of Tea’s Cinnamon Plum avatar

Despite summer being here you wouldn’t tell with the latest weather. It’s been cool and muggy the last few days in the evenings and well insulated during the day due to the fog. So in the evenings I’ve been drinking some Cinnamon Plum tea. Which has the tastes you would expect from colder times of the year.


It has a very comforting flavor. It tastes great straight or with a bit of honey. It’s kind of lying to you though. There aren’t any prunes in the tea, but instead it uses sloeberries as one of the ingredients. I guess it would be more awkward to call it Cinnamon Sloeberry. :v It doesn’t change how I feel about it however. The berries pair well with the spiciness and black tea to make a rejuvenating cup that’ll perk you up and take the chill out of the bones.

This one will be around for awhile. I get distracted by a few other flavors.



Meanwhile… In my own world.
Meanwhile… In my own world. avatar

Laid about for most of the day. I was actually expecting company to come over but they never showed. I wanted to showcase my computer to them because I’ve been looking into upgrading my motherboard. Still keeping with the same chipset but with more SATA ports. I currently have 6 but that just doesn’t cut the mustard for me. And some people at work are wanting to build gaming PC’s (especially after seeing what I can do with my laptop), so between some people I may be able to help them out while getting a nice upgrade in the process.

I didn’t really do much yesterday either when I got home. I was pretty exhausted since I couldn’t nod off, and pissed off about a part of my work day. That kid that’s been pestering me to give me my phone number/email/facebook/underwear size was in about ten minutes after I showed up for work. He sat next to me while I was cleaning off shelves and merchandise and tried to make small talk. Then after some awkward pauses he had to go and gave me a hug. I finally reached my breaking point… I was polite about it though, told him to respect my space after he let go. And he had this look on his face like he didn’t do anything wrong. “Ok” was all he could say. I talked to my boss, and another co-worker who met the guy the same day that I did, and apparently I’m the only one he seems to be getting touchy touchy with. No sir… I don’t like it.

Early Morning Open Thread Of Openess
Early Morning Open Thread Of Openess avatar

Encountered one of the guys who is really interested in getting together with me. He tried to get my facebook information so that he could keep in contact and was rather disappointed when I revealed that I don’t do social media. He couldn’t believe a “tech savvy” person would have no interest in facebook because y’know… I guess you have to be smart to use facebook, right? That’s why it’s common for facebook users to friend their bosses or employees and post stupid shit that ends up getting them fired. Yeah, smart people.

Then he tried to get my email address, which I don’t give out either. A week ago he tried to get me to enter my phone number into his cellphone… Him (and his father who he pals around with) are new to town, and don’t really have anything to do around here because it’s a small town. So they hang out in the store everyday and follow employees around (including me), sometimes making multiple trips. Whenever I have a day off I don’t go shopping or anything. I go for walks, go to an occasional party with friends or just keep to myself. He keeps asking me where I’ve been during my days off as if I’ve been avoiding him, then passes it off as a joke and tells me not to get flustered…

He seems like a nice kid, but as I’ve said before I don’t really hang out with customers. Hell I rarely have time to hang out with my friends who happen to be employees. Plus I’m too busy coming up with my own stuff to do. Like today I chatted with my international buddies, tidied up a bit, drank tea and tested out my new costume pieces. So far I’m happy with the results! I also got my paints in the mail today so next time I’m ready I’ll be able to do some painting on my mask. So far for the costume I have:

A mask (that needs to be painted and strapped)
A bandana
A hooded cape
A wig

When I’m done with this I’m gonna freak out soooo many people at Halloween time. I know at least two or three people that’ll get the joke. Even if people don’t get it (since it involves the gaming universe in a way) it’ll still be fun to dress up as something original.