And now for another chestnut from the cespools of teh interwebz
And now for another chestnut from the cespools of teh interwebz avatar

I was minding my own business in one of the chats I frequent… and all of a sudden a playtoy appears. It’s a shame he had to run like a little bitch when a mod appeared. I for one enjoyed the intellectual value of the conversation. :P WARNING: Giant wall of text that you probably shouldn’t read if you have tender sensibilities or a heart condition!

5:26 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Hello ladies and gents :3
5:26 AM – OverlordTomala: Allo
5:26 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Rick <3
5:26 AM – kaliber: sup bitch
5:27 AM – Rick: how are you baby <3
5:27 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: sup?
5:27 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: I’m good bub c:
5:27 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: u?
5:27 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔ is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
5:27 AM – Rick: i’m fine :) thnx :P
5:27 AM – OverlordTomala: Don’t refer to yourself in the 3rd person Kali. We love you anyway
5:27 AM – kaliber: salam alekym
5:27 AM – Rick: what ?
5:27 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Tomala that was a good onme
5:27 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: W aleyk al salam :o
5:27 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Arab?
5:28 AM – kaliber: no haha
5:28 AM – Rick: oh great now !! english only please !!
5:28 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: :C
5:28 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: okie dokey
5:28 AM – kaliber: u muslim?=
5:28 AM – OverlordTomala: lol I see you also go by confederate… No wonder you can’t get any chicks.
5:28 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Nope
5:28 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: xD
5:28 AM – kaliber: u from lebanon m8
5:29 AM – The Mexican Pyro (Tardis) left chat.
5:29 AM – Hevel:
5:29 AM – kaliber: overloard whats wrong with being confederate?
5:30 AM – OverlordTomala: Well, you can’t get chicks… That’s like, rule #1 of the confederate handbook
5:30 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: lol drama queen.
5:30 AM – kaliber: no lol
5:30 AM – kaliber: i never said i cant get chicks
5:30 AM – kaliber: you stupid cunt
5:30 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: What?
5:30 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: Now I know what you’re asking yourself. “WAI WOOD U EVEEN ENCLOOD DAT IN YO PREUFAIL” . Here’s the answer. I am sick and tired of throwing people in my oven and feeding them to my cat because they ask me “WAI U POOT UR PEUFAIL POOBLIC? U ATEENTION SEKER!”
5:30 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Don’t laugh at exellence
5:30 AM – Rick: o.O maybe i need to get sym here
5:30 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: rofl XD
5:30 AM – OverlordTomala: You don’t have to say… It shows :P
5:31 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: xD
5:31 AM – Rick: Is sym online queen ?
5:31 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: I GET THIS WAY TOO MUCH
5:31 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: idk
5:31 AM – kaliber: it shows?
5:31 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: Lmfao. so funny.
5:31 AM – kaliber: bitch
5:31 AM – OverlordTomala: lol, nice comeback.
5:31 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Srsly?
5:31 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: I think it was lame
5:31 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: which totally describes my sense of humor
5:31 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: its funny.
5:31 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: x3
5:31 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: XD
5:31 AM – Rick: brb
5:32 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: cant stop laughin.
5:32 AM – Hevel left chat.
5:32 AM – kaliber: 30 hoes on my dick
5:32 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: I smell sarcasm
5:32 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: khate
5:32 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: yep ?
5:32 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: I smell sarcasm
5:33 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: in your text
5:33 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: ..
5:33 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: sarcasm.. ==
5:33 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: :P
5:33 AM – Rick: that guy kali is annoying :\
5:33 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: its nice. :3
5:33 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: XD
5:33 AM – Rick: ohh fuck :P wrong chat lol
5:33 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Just deal with it like I am
5:33 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: im laughing again lmfao
5:34 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: xD
5:34 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: lol im crazy. nvm me. :3
5:34 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Loka loka loka
5:34 AM – OverlordTomala: He hasn’t said anything in awhile. He must be asking mom for a catch phrase to respond with…
5:34 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Don’t give him attention xD
5:34 AM – kaliber: Tomala
5:34 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: then worse we can do right now is do that
5:34 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: we’d be encouraging him
5:34 AM – kaliber: is there wifi in ur kitchen?
5:34 AM – Rick: brb
5:34 AM – Rick left chat.
5:34 AM – OverlordTomala: Yeah, there’s also a ceiling, knives, forks, a sword…
5:35 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: is there wifi in the mental hospital kali? :3
5:35 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: I’m pretty sure they don’t let their patiens connect with the outside world like that
5:35 AM – kaliber: ok..?
5:35 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: you should know that :3
5:35 AM – kaliber: drama queen you should know that
5:35 AM – kaliber: women make food and men work
5:35 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Why, cuase I work there?
5:35 AM – kaliber: you’re from lebanon :3
5:36 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Lebanon isn’t an islam country ^.^’
5:36 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: It’s basically Christian
5:36 AM – kaliber: 90% muslims
5:36 AM – OverlordTomala: Well, in that case… Kali you mist be a damn good sandwich maker
5:36 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: IT USED TO BE
5:36 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Now syrians invade it
5:36 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: but the majority of women work there
5:36 AM – kaliber: Tomala
5:36 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: know your geography before you get schooled
5:36 AM – kaliber: you can make me a sandwich and then suck my cock
5:36 AM – OverlordTomala: You have to have one first…
5:36 AM – kaliber: :D
5:36 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з:
5:37 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: OOOHOHHH
5:37 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Is ego is as small as his dick c:
5:37 AM – kaliber: 20 cm
5:37 AM – kaliber: bby
5:37 AM – kaliber: what dat mouth do
5:37 AM – OverlordTomala: Sorry, let me rephrase… You have to have one first… not in your mom’s mouth
5:37 AM – OverlordTomala: As usual you can’t do anything right
5:37 AM – kaliber: what your mouth do
5:37 AM – kaliber: baby
5:37 AM – OverlordTomala: Laughs… at you
5:37 AM – kaliber: can it handle my 20 cm
5:38 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: pls let’s not do this now
5:38 AM – OverlordTomala: You’re entertaining :D
5:38 AM – kaliber: fucking bitches on the internet
5:38 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: I feel like it’s some 11 year old…
5:38 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: why do I feel like he’s some 11 year old?
5:38 AM – kaliber: there werent any females on steam before
5:38 AM – kaliber: now you come
5:38 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: im going out. I dun wanna hear this things
5:38 AM – kaliber: and destory out games
5:38 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: kaliber why are you talking about yourself?
5:38 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з: these.
5:38 AM – ଘMiss Khate ε♥з left chat.
5:38 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: He’s jelly cuz we’re so fab :3
5:39 AM – OverlordTomala: Dammit where’s my popcorn
5:39 AM – kaliber: make them LGBT and queer friendlt
5:39 AM – kaliber: wow
5:39 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: and better at him at games
5:39 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: ;3
5:39 AM – kaliber: you’re all a bounch of faggots
5:39 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: bunch*
5:39 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: get schooled
5:39 AM – OverlordTomala: lol, so we went from girls to faggots. That was a quick life changing experience
5:39 AM – kaliber: implying a girl can play a game
5:39 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: Actually a girl can
5:39 AM – kaliber: why are all elite csgo players en?
5:39 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: we’re human beings aren’t we? :3
5:39 AM – kaliber: men*
5:39 AM – kaliber: why are all pro gamers male?
5:40 AM – Rick entered chat.
5:40 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: because we’re better than to compete in competitions
5:40 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: we have a life
5:40 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: :P
5:40 AM – kaliber: you know how much money u make
5:40 AM – kaliber: ..
5:40 AM – Rick: i’m back ^^
5:40 AM – OverlordTomala: Truly the profile of a pro
5:40 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: While you’re sitting all day trying to get your dick sucked and insulting random people you don’t know on the internet, we’re out there getting ourselves a life c:
5:41 AM – Rick: no i don’t know how much money i make ? ohh what a great question kali !!
5:41 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: He meant on the “Cs:GO” competition
5:41 AM – Rick: Lol
5:41 AM – Rick: my bad :P
5:41 AM – kaliber: tomala
5:41 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: It’s for peoples who are either lazy or too much of a failures to get out there and get an actual job
5:41 AM – OverlordTomala: Yes sugar lips?
5:41 AM – kaliber: dont talk to me about being a pro gamer
5:41 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: competecence isn’t proven by video game skills
5:41 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: :P
5:41 AM – OverlordTomala: lol… umad?
5:42 AM – kaliber: you’re a female
5:42 AM – Rick: wtf !!! fuck me.. he got all the achievements in 5 hrs.. bloddy hell !!
5:42 AM – OverlordTomala: If you say so
5:42 AM – kaliber: the only thing you’re good at is sucking cock and making food
5:42 AM – OverlordTomala: Stop comparing people on the internet to your dad
5:42 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: the only thing you’re good at is eating shit then spitting them out
5:42 AM – kaliber: lol
5:42 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: and them eating the again
5:42 AM – Rick: kaliber, please repect people in here or shall i get you banned ?
5:42 AM – kaliber: faggots are disgusting
5:42 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: we’re heard this over a million times, has that ever stopped us from gaming? :3
5:43 AM – Rick: alirghty then.. i got your reply kaliber
5:43 AM – OverlordTomala: You don’t have to say that EVERYTIME you look in the mirror ya know
5:43 AM – Rick: alrighty *
5:43 AM – kaliber: tomala
5:43 AM – ♔TheDramaQueen♔: we barely even noticed that mistake Rick xD
5:43 AM – kaliber: are you a feminist?
5:43 AM – Rick left chat.
5:43 AM – ๖ۣۜSỳmbẍlizẹ – Cards P entered chat.
5:43 AM – Rick entered chat.
5:43 AM – kaliber left chat.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel
Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel avatar

Finally… I’ll work later today and have a good two days off to rest. Last Saturday really kicked everyone in the arse, Sunday I came home from work and pretty much passed out in bed and went “screw it I’ll eat later”, and yesterday I started to show signs of feeling better. It’s amazing what 12 hours of sleep will do… In fact I spent most of tonight in bed playing some sidescrollers. It feels nice to do that.

In fact for my weekend I don’t think I’ll do anything but relax. I’ve been pretty high strung as of late. And with the latest cold snap that’s rolled in I have a feeling I’ll be hibernating a bit with the computer on, listening to people influence my sleeping brain. :v

PS: THis post was written from bed, because I can.

Lilies… my only weakness.
Lilies… my only weakness. avatar

I only had one day off this week, but the bright side is I got overtime pay to look forward to. :D They offered me more overtime for next week but I ended up declining since I’ve been sick. I’m not sure if it’s a bug going around, or the Easter lilies we’ve been selling. They’re so potent that they dry out my throat, make my nose water and burn my eyes. We’ve had people complain about them causing headaches too. In fact it becomes difficult for me to speak, not to mention my lungs start to burn. And when you’re in this type of environment for as much as 9 hours it kinda gets to you after awhile… I’ll have to talk to them tomorrow if this continues, although my hopes aren’t too high as other people have complained in the past.

The solution? Get a doctors note… What a waste of time and resources. It wouldn’t take much effort to move these damn things outside to a ventilated area, but noooo you have to take time out of your life and a doctors life to get some fucking note for why you can’t work…

Spitballing a giant wall of text
Spitballing a giant wall of text avatar

I’ve been having some ideas kick around in my head for awhile regarding future videos. So far this year I’ve only published gmod adventures with my friends. Which is fine and everything, but I want to get back into the stuff that I did before. I haven’t been able to do any You Can’t Do That On XBox videos because honestly, I haven’t really done anything that I could review. When I’m reviewing maps for L4D2 or TF2 etc there is normally some kind of objective, or a discussion of it’s design and it’s flaws. With gmod maps you can’t really do that.

I can’t really review community addons either. Like props, dupes, playermodels etc. Because it all comes down to personal preference. Although I guess I could do videos about particular gamemodes. There’s quite a few people I know who don’t really know how to venture outside the sandbox to see what amazing/messed up creations await them. So I guess that’s one idea.

Another idea is something I haven’t done before, tutorials for certain kinds of things. I get questions from time to time regarding video/audio recording or once in awhile gaming under linux questions. Of course the requirement for me doing a tutorial would be me being a certain amount of drunk to go about it. I’ve setup Linux drunk a couple times… I don’t recommend it. :P

I also want to get back into recreating my dreams in Source Filmmaker, unfortunately the dreams I’ve been having lately wouldn’t really make sense. Not that anything I’ve ever released makes any lick of sense… It’s just that I have a certain self standard for my own outlandish craziness.

One suggestion I’ve had from people (and by people I mean like two or three) is to do reviews of games in my entire collection. I’m on the fence about this because this is the internet, everyone and their house cat has made videos talking about how great/horrible a game is. Granted lots of other people review custom game mods/maps too, but not to the degree of games since your general run of the mill games are across consoles/PC’s with the occasional exclusive which will have been beaten to hell by the time I find time to voice my thoughts on it. Although, I have thought about making videos about games I like to play during my lunch breaks. Maybe something in the style of posts I’ve made about what I “had for lunch”? I don’t know.

Another thing I wanted to get back to is recording my friends and I talking and animate the funny parts of the conversation. That and I also have some machinima ideas bouncing around in my head.

That’s my problem. I have all these thoughts and ideas but not enough time to execute them. Especially lately because of work. When I get home I either want to sleep, BS with friends, or play something. Oh well. I’ll have plenty of time to think about it further, and when I finally get around to doing something I’ll hopefully be ready. Until then I’ll sleep on it, which is what I need. Sleep.

Not much to talk about, but have a post anyway.
Not much to talk about, but have a post anyway. avatar

I thought I would post something to let people know that yes, I am still around. I haven’t had much to write about let alone much time lately. In fact some of my online friends thought I had taken ill. And that is kind of true, but that only started last night. A cold has been going around and it looks like I finally got it. So for my one and only day off I decided to spend it not doing much.

Although I did do some tidying up and got rid of some things that I no longer need like clothes, hair accessories, etc. With all the upcoming changes I thought I would lighten things up a bit in my collection of stuff.

Well, we couldn’t buy Twitch… So lets make our own!
Well, we couldn’t buy Twitch… So lets make our own! avatar

I had to laugh when I heard about this the other day. Google/YouTube wanted to buy Twitch, and it didn’t go through. So they basically just said screw it, lets make our own. Who saw that coming? Pretty much everyone…

YouTube is preparing to relaunch its livestreaming platform with a renewed focus on live gaming and esports specifically, according to sources within the streaming industry.

I don’t know if I’ll use it. I have a Twitch account but haven’t gotten around to streaming. The only streaming I’ve done so far is through Steam. Where my friends got to watch me kill guards with Big Boss’s ass.

***Edited to change have to haven’t. One word can make a big difference. :P ***

Criminals + Social Media = LOL
Criminals + Social Media = LOL avatar

Anyone who knows me knows very well that I’m not one for social networks, but I’ve found there is a positive side to them! In some cases it makes it easier for the police to find you. :P

FAIRFIELD, Maine (March 24, 2015) — A Maine man who’d been wanted by police for several weeks made a couple of critical mistakes that led to his capture — he sent out social media messages pinpointing his location.

The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office had been looking for Christopher Wallace, of Fairfield, in connection with a burglary in January.

Police tell the Morning Sentinel that on Sunday night they received tips from people who said Wallace had posted on Snapchat that he had returned to his Fairfield home.

So, police went to the house.

While they were searching with permission of the resident, they were tipped off that Wallace had posted a new Snapchat message saying police were in the house looking for him and he was hiding in a cabinet. He was found in the cabinet.

I really don’t know what to say… I mean, this is a joke in itself! How could anyone be so stupid as to write where they are while they know damn for well where the fuck they are?

Fun fact: If you drive and text you’re a friggin’ moran
Fun fact: If you drive and text you’re a friggin’ moran avatar

You know, it’s pretty sad that research had to be conducted to show that driving while texting isn’t such a good idea.

Researchers analyzed the six seconds leading up to a crash in nearly 1,700 videos of teen drivers taken from in-vehicle event recorders. The results showed that distraction was a factor in 58 percent of all crashes studied, including 89 percent of road-departure crashes and 76 percent of rear-end crashes. NHTSA previously has estimated that distraction is a factor in only 14 percent of all teen driver crashes.

Of course I’m glad they decided to take the time to point this out, because we live in a world where you practically have to have warning signs on everything.

Oh Gaben, you’re such a tease.
Oh Gaben, you’re such a tease. avatar

Gabe Newell decided to troll about Half Life 3/Half Life 2 Episode 3 or whatever the hell it’s being called at this point.

“But you know if you want to do another Half-Life game and you want to ignore everything we’ve learned in shipping Portal 2 and in shipping all the updates on the multiplayer side, that seems like a bad choice,” Newell continued. “So we’ll keep moving forward. But that doesn’t necessarily always mean what people are worried that it might mean.”

Make of that what you will. It could either mean that the franchise is gone due to no multiplayer, or the next Half Life will be multiplayer specific. Who knows? The Gaben works in mysterious ways and for the most part, many gamers have benefited from what Valve has done thus far.

Either way until then, HL3 unconfirmed.