So I guess Comcast has been at this for quite awhile.
So I guess Comcast has been at this for quite awhile. avatar

So apparently Comcast has been changing peoples names for quite some time. More have come out on the subject.

If you read through the whole article it’s even more of a nightmare. Especially for one person who made several attempts to get her account name changed back with no luck, at least until she spoke with them in person.

“They changed my name to ‘dummy’ in my online account, so that the greeting was ‘Hello, dummy,’” she tells Elliott. “I had to call several times but they said they didn’t see it until I went in person to Comcast and they removed it.”

She claims that no one offered an apology or explanation for how the name change occurred.

Stay classy Comcast…

What comcast actually thinks of it’s customers
What comcast actually thinks of it’s customers avatar

Imagine getting your cable bill and finding that some “clever” employee decided to change your name to this:


The customer could only surmise that the name change had something to do with her request to bring down her monthly expenses by removing the pay-TV portion of her Comcast package, even though it cost her a $60 fee to cancel. As usually happens in such calls, her cancellation request was escalated to a retention specialist.

I would hate to use comcast. Most ISP’s in the US suck these days but comcast has to be right up there with Time Warner and a few other choice “assholes”.

Spicing up my nerd station a bit
Spicing up my nerd station a bit avatar

I have a second monitor coming in the mail (yes, time to enter the dual monitor club) or rather an 32″ HDTV. Also got some HDMI cables, and a Roku 2 XS for whenever I feel like using it as an actual TV with the computer off. I’ve been considering this for quite some time, and I figure with taxes coming up it would be a good time to treat myself a bit. I’m mainly getting the TV for whenever I feel like gaming in bed with a controller in big picture mode. Should be nice and relaxing for those cold days. :)

y u no RSS?
y u no RSS? avatar

It seems my many RSS feeds are not responding properly from within Seamonkey. Only RSS feeds from phpBB forums seem to update. WordPress links as well as other sites that I follow refuse to update. I’ve tried deleting the folders and resubscribing but nothing happens. I might have to see if I have a working set either under my Linux install or on my laptop. I figure it’s either something with my browser or the entire internetz RSS (minus phpBB forums) is dead. Clearly the latter is more believable. :P

But yeah, need to get that fixed so I can spy on the entire world correctly. I am supposed to be subscribed to the entire internet after all…

Saturday was impromptu anime night with strangers
Saturday was impromptu anime night with strangers avatar

I got off work and like the good server owner that I am I checked my statistics. I played a bit of TF2, then headed to the cinema where I saw 4 people on. Two were in different theaters. The first one I went into was nothing but derp videos with deliberately horrid audio quality, the kind where you swear you’re going to go deaf. I decided to check out the other theater where it was just two guys watching anime. For some reason they thought it was cool that I was a server owner who happened to know what anime was, and didn’t turn out to be an annoying 12 year old there to dick around with them via admin controls. Apparently that isn’t normal? Anyways I sat down with them and enjoyed some anime via YouTube. I can’t remember the title of one we were watching, but it was pretty fun. It had explosions and swords. :O

I’m loving this gamemode more and more. :D

A serious problem under Linux regarding Steam
A serious problem under Linux regarding Steam avatar

A friend of mine shared this with me yesterday. PC World even picked up on the story.

If you’re a Steam fan running Linux, the last thing you’ll want to do in the next few days is mess with your Steam files. Users on Valve’s GitHub Steam for Linux page are complaining about a nasty bug that has the potential to wipe out every single personal file on your PC. Even worse, users say the bug will even wipe out documents on USB connected drives. So much for local backups.

That’s a pretty serious bug. I hope Valve gets on that ASAP.