The streamening is nigh
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Apart from some technical difficulties between YouTube and OBS with LOTS of teeth gritting trying to get the damn thing to run tonight I completed another test run, this time with Skyrim. We tested audio levels between my microphone, mumble chat and the game. I think I’m about ready to do a public event of some kind. 😀 I wanted to do Obduction, but with it’s bugs and the memory leak issue I don’t think I’d be a happy camper, unless I stream it from my laptop to my desktop THEN to YouTube… Ugh.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to livestream Skyrim or not, since my playstyle might bore people… I’m overpowered, but then again my selection of mods might keep it interesting. What I’d REALLY love to livestream is some team based stuff, like the Lara Croft games, Broforce, etc.

OBS-Studio is becoming more and more awesome the more I play with it.
OBS-Studio is becoming more and more awesome the more I play with it. avatar

Played around more with OBS-Studio today. I’m getting myself familiar with scenes and playing with the new source types I never saw in classic. That way when I stream to Twitch or YouTube I can be fabulous. Now all I need to focus on is balancing audio which I’ll have to play by ear (no pun intended). I figure I might as well get a polish on things so that when I finally do have time to do a livestream I’ll be somewhat ready.

As far as Streaming goes I’ll probably be mainly streaming to YouTube until Twitch gets their shite together. Since my friends are giving up on Adobe Flash it would make sense to use a streaming service that accommodates those who want to give up that nasty trash.

Of course now I’ll have to ponder what my first public live stream should be.

Obduction is unfriendly to AMD GPU’s
Obduction is unfriendly to AMD GPU’s avatar

2016-08-27 16-48-29_1

As I’ve stated at the MOUL forums

At this point in time I can’t recommend the game to anyone running on AMD hardware. I find it absurd that I have to lower the settings on my R9 Fury to enjoy the game while my GTX 870m trots along fine with the occasional hitching. I really hope Cyan can fix this problem, at this point if they have another kickstarter and put Gameworks in their next project I won’t back it at all. I’ll buy it after the fact when I find out it’s properly optimized, or becomes extremely cheap. I had a bad feeling something like this was going to happen when Cyan mentioned NVidia, depressing… Cyan wanted people to get the word out about their game on as many avenues as possible in the latest Kickstarter update, I’m probably not doing it the right way but oh well… I gave them my money, might as well throw a in a couple more cents.

I’ll pick back up on the game eventually, with all the bugs that are being discovered I’d rather not spend several hours on a game and have to deal with corrupted saves or getting trapped in a collision. I deal with plenty of that in Skyrim, but at least Skyrim has somewhat of an excuse. Mods and an ancient game engine dating all the way back to Morrowind.

More experiments with Obduction
More experiments with Obduction avatar

I moved Obduction to my SSD and increased my swap file with some happier results. I’ll have to have a longer play session to see if I still have a memory leak. Unfortunately I still lag like hell in multiple places in the game where nothing is going on. If I want to lose most of the lag I have to play on the lowest settings which is just absurd for a system with an R9 Fury and a Xeon. When I find more time I’ll copy Obduction over to my laptop and see how well it runs. If my performance improves I’ll be severely pyst.

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Survived another day of work, spent most of the day feeling really sick. Mostly read forums and websites followed by a nap when I got home. Still not feeling too well. Hopefully when I wake back up in a bit for work I’ll feel better. I’ve been partitioning my sleep again. Not intentionally, that’s just how it’s turning out. I have a doctors appointment on my next day off which will just be a regular checkup. I look forward to finding out how fucked up I am. 😛 Well, more than what’s already known…

Late Night Open Thread
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Twas a long work day. Came home and I was too tired to play anything with puzzles so laid off of Obduction for the time being, which seems to be a fine choice since Cyan has uploaded some hotfixes to hopefully improve the game. Though at this point I don’t know what’s more entertaining, the game itself or the people who are getting pissy trying to run the game on inferior hardware? Some of the people at the Cyan forums who are complaining that they won’t fund another project after backing a game that won’t run on their old hardware are really out of touch. You had 3 years to come up with something to run the game, and you choose to run the game on your toaster mac and act all surprised when it doesn’t work. Amazing! It’s almost like Apple markets outdated hardware at ungodly prices to make people believe it’s still relevant… oh wait.

I have fine tuned my OBS Multiplatform setup, have the Elgato running through it rendering with the codec for my GPU. When I go to start Obduction with a new save I should be ready, assuming the memory leaks are dealt with by the time I pick it up again. In the meantime I tested with Skyrim of course, and the CPU barely moved. Framerate was literally the same recording or not, and I don’t have to worry about audio latency. I see OBS Multi has an option too for streaming and doing a local copy (with more advanced features than Elgato’s setup), so I’ll have to test that when I find time to livestream.

Sure I can run Crysis… but Obduction?
Sure I can run Crysis… but Obduction? avatar


I thought it was excellent timing that I had a day off on the release of Obduction. I’ve really enjoyed the game so far, so much to explore and take in. It’s like Myst without linking books, and in space. It was really difficult to pull me away from it, thankfully the memory leak in the game ate my system RAM and my VRAM.

Yeah, the release has been a little buggy for people. I count myself among the luckier ones too. I’m really glad that I don’t game on a mac. Hopefully Cyan releases some updates though, from the performance standpoint I can only say it’s “playable” at best, and that’s on a 6 core 12 thread Xeon processor and one of the best GPU’s out there. There have been some other tips and tricks I haven’t done yet to improve performance (one being deleting your save and starting over), so I’ll try that next time I play the game.

I tried recording some clips with my the Elgato software but I’m still running into little annoyances with video/audio latency. So I’ve switched over to OBS Multiplatform earlier tonight and tested that. I still need to refine it but I can already tell it runs much better, the desync issues aren’t there and if they are they are not as apparent. And unlike old OBS I can actually use my AMD codec! Meaning I can record from the capture card, use that codec and save CPU/GPU usage. And the nice thing about OBS? It looks like that will let me stream and record at the same time much like Elgato’s Game Capture HD, which I didn’t know since up until this point I’ve been using classic OBS.

With all of this stuff I can honestly say I’m never bored. 😛

Obduction awaits
Obduction awaits avatar

At 7am PDT Obduction will be ready for release, apparently. That’s according to one of the playtesters (I think?) on Steam. I haven’t heard or seen anything from anyone at Cyan, so we’ll see how this goes. In the meantime I’ve been going between reading websites and playing various games. Guess I’ll get some rest, wake up to see if I got my game code, and go back to sleep while it downloads. I have the day off tomorrow so chances are I’ll play the game a bit.

Revisiting (slightly) older games
Revisiting (slightly) older games avatar


Sometimes we all need a good charge.

Since I’ve mostly been doing technical experiments with hardware lately I decided to take a break and do some gaming of the Portal Variety. I even went back to the original game and got a couple of achievements. All I could think about while beating a couple of the advanced chambers was how Valve really needs to get back into gaming software. I miss being stoked for their games. Thankfully Portal Stories and Time Machine are nice alternatives. Tag? I still haven’t figured out what I think about it yet.

Some games are like that. Not sure if I’ll love them or hate them, and sometimes they take revisiting. Take Dead Island for example, I used to be annoyed with it when I first played with it a bit a couple years ago. But this time around I cracked it open again and actually had a good time. Maybe it was from the knowledge I learned playing Skyrim, but I seemed to have a better time going on quests and leveling up than my previous attempt. Might have to go back and play through it some more soon. I think one of the turn offs the last time I played it was the odd placements for some buttons, the kind that tell you this was made for a console, even the Borderlands games have this feeling for me. But I have a better understanding for it now so hopefully it’ll continue to be fun. 😀

What I’ve learned about the Elgato HD60 Pro
What I’ve learned about the Elgato HD60 Pro avatar


The Elgato HD60 Pro has been a bit of a learning curve. One of the reasons I haven’t been posting lately is due to my desire to get the best stream/recording combo up and running, and believe me when I say there have been some bugs that needed a good thwarting.

One issue I ran into prevented me from recording if I had flashback mode disabled. At first I thought it had to do with how I had the Elgato plugged into my GPU, when the entire time it was actually my audio.


I have a Creative XFi sound card with a ton of plugin options, and I noticed the software seemed a bit confused when it came to establishing which port was ok and what wasn’t. So I disabled everything but what I intended to use and all of a sudden the program started to let me record.

However my worries weren’t laid to rest as I encountered yet another bug was discovered while recording. The audio would have frequent skips throughout the final mp4 as though there was a buffering problem. After more intense experimentation I found a solution, record the game audio separately from the video. This gives me three different files:

  • The Mp4 file
  • Commentary Audio (if needed)
  • Game Audio

For some reason recording separately vs mixed streams outputs a better quality result. Which I’m ok with since I can just compile the footage in premiere anyway as well as tweak each audio file to my liking if needed.


After about 18 to 20 minutes in the video will suddenly have video/audio latency issues that cannot be fixed. So what I have to do is record in increments of about 15 minutes to play it safe, which honestly isn’t that big of a deal to me. In FRAPS and even in OBS I’ve always stopped and started to make shorter files as an old habit. If I have to continue this practice I don’t see a reason to rage.

Now onto streaming. Twitch has been rather fickle, but that’s before I even bought the card. YouTube on the other hand has been really seamless, whatever I throw at it will stick. I streamed Dead Island while recording a local copy with zero framerate loss. The only problem I had was when I went to stop and start recording the game capture HD program didn’t want to behave, but that seemed to be related to Dead Island from what I can tell, as I tried to interact with other applications on my 2nd monitor and it outright refused until I brought up my task manager (revealing an adorable Stewie Kitten on live stream to my audience of 1).

I think I finally have it figured out enough to get started on proper recording again. If things continue to go smoothly I’ll do a YouTube video review of the hardware and address on the issues I’ve had to lick, on the chance that someone might be in a similar position with audio issues.