The workshop controversy continued.
The workshop controversy continued. avatar


Lets see… So far since the update to Skyrim Steam workshop we’ve had someone with a paid mod remove their creation from the workshop because it was using assets from another mod, the discussion forums for skyrim have been on fire, a petition is out to remove the latest changes to the workshop, and with no surprise Garry has come out in support of the whole thing and plans to do the same thing with Garry’s Mod.

This makes me laugh considering we were joking last night about how 12 year olds would probably try to sell their dupes on the workshop for easy cash. :v But in all seriousness paid mods in the gmodverse would be a nightmare. I’m constantly testing new addons when either the servers or the mods themselves update to make sure everything goes smoothly, and sometimes I end up having to remove things to prevent conflicts.

People are saying that it’s a rocky start, but could be better in the long term as modders would have incentive to create some very impressive works. But I’m not so sure.

Pay to play mods for skyrim?
Pay to play mods for skyrim? avatar

Steam updated their steam workshop to allow modders the option of making money off of their community contributions. So far this only seems to involve skyrim. But other games could soon follow. I’m not exactly sure if I’m on board with the idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great if you could get paid doing what you love. But I see this as a system that could be abused, or the devs just gave up. What if a mod doesn’t work correctly with another mod after the 24 hour period you’re allowed to request a refund? What if it breaks and the creator declares it abandoned? People have also been pulling their mods from the skyrim nexus and putting them up on workshop to make money off of other peoples work.

I dread to think what will happen when/if this system is implemented into other workshop games. Especially in games that have tons and tons of addons that don’t always work together.

I live another year.
I live another year. avatar

Had a nice quiet birthday. I got a new game called Woolfe: The Red Riding Hood Diaries, it’s a beautiful game that has the feel of American McGee’s Alice. You’re a white haired little red riding hood looking for revenge. The game is a stealth hack n slash. While I was streaming it for my friends we all identified various traits that could be spotted from other games. Such as a bunch of rats that could kill you, like in Dishonored. A sneaking element that you would find in most stealth games (Metal Gear) and red riding hood’s color scheme was very Devil May Cry-ish. I’ll definitely have to get back to playing it again soon. I’ve been doing quite a bit of streaming lately of other games as well. Even unintentionally keeping someone up with my streaming shenanigans. :v

I also got a nice addition to my tea collection.


I also had some chocolate huckleberry bonbons. We’re still planning on going out to dinner for my birthday for a few drinks but have had to hold off as my card expired… I tried to get it renewed yesterday but the DMV was getting remodeled. Oh well, there’s always next week. :P

How the hell does someone like this become a vet?
How the hell does someone like this become a vet? avatar

I read this story hours ago and even now I still can’t wrap my head around how a veterinarian from Texas would not only kill a cat with a bow and arrow, but be grinning from ear to ear as if it were something to be proud of. I’ll give you a warning before you click the link. The picture in the article is very graphic.

Here is the article.

Dr. Kristen Lindsey, DVM, posted a picture on her Facebook page of her holding an arrow that is sticking through the head of a dead cat.

The post reads “My first bow kill, lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s head! Vet of the year award … Gladly accepted.”

I’m still surprised that she thought this was perfectly fine. Hell, she didn’t even think she was going to get fired.

In the comment section of her post, she wrote “no I did not lose my job. Lol. Psshh. Like someone would get rid of me. I’m awesome!”

Bad news, the cat wasn’t feral. Coincidentally an orange cat by the name of “Tiger” went missing, and the cat in the picture looked just like him. His caregivers were far from pleased. Of course even if the cat was feral as she claimed it would be far from unnecessary to kill an animal in such a disgustingly gruesome way.

It hasn’t been confirmed (from what I can tell) but one thing seems certain. Her career as a vet is definitely over. No one in their right mind would want a pet murderer touching their animals. If it were my cat I would have knocked the shit out of that insufferable bitchboat and pathetic excuse for a human being. I’d have no problem wiping the smile off her face.

I do hope she lives a long life though. Having to be reminded of how royally she fucked up.

I’m going to be everywhere at the exact same time
I’m going to be everywhere at the exact same time avatar

I have some drastic schedule changes coming up, so I may or may not be around much or at the usual times I’m known for. My sleep patterns are going to be all kinds of confusing next week. I predict there will be much consumption of caffeine and electrolytes… Hopefully I don’t go too insane.

I’m guessing that I might be online around the time I usually wake up. :P Assuming I don’t pass out early or get distracted by other real life tasks. Either way I’ll probably post more just so I can find some way to shoot my mouth off.