Saturday Evening Open Thread

Sorry for not writing yesterday. I was too ill to get out of bed, ended up pulling out the controller and playing in bed. I finally made it to the Blade Kitten DLC. Feels nice to get past that cliffhanger they left me with years ago… morty

Today I revisited Life is Strange; I ended up in a weird alternate reality after saving Chloe’s dad from dying in a car accident and creating a butterfly effect. He’s alive in the present now, and I’m in the kewl kids club for some reason. Then I met up with Chloe, who didn’t look like she was doing too well… At that point I decided I’d come back to that game at a later date… Life is Strange does a good job playing with my thoughts. zorak THE FEELS!!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

FAR seems to be a better DRM than Denuvo

I shouldn’t be surprised that entitled overgrown children think they have every right to use a Mod on a game they pirated…

Many fans were happy to hear about Kaldaien’s “FAR mod,” a patch that fixes Nier: Automata’s technical issues on PC. Some people who downloaded the mod were surprised to find that it checks whether or not you’ve pirated the game, and the modder’s decision to include such a feature has proven controversial.

I saw a bit of the backlash yesterday but didn’t completely understand what was going on. Apparently since hackers cracked Denuvo on NieR Automata people have been downloading it and installing the mod on top of it to fix the bugs with the PC release… In a funny and sad way it isn’t just the mod acting as a DRM, but the game itself too for not fixing the damn bugs…

Anyways it’s quite silly watching people proclaim this is malware because it doesn’t work with their pirated copy, what I don’t get are the people who are white knighting the people who downloaded the hacked version and feel they have every right to use the mod as the paid people do… As far as I’m concerned the guy who made the mod has the right to do with it as he sees fit. And as he even said his code is open sourced, so if someone wants to get it to work with their illegitimate copy then by all means.

Though it takes less effort to bitch and moan. v

You got Linux in my Microsoft?


First Microsoft announced iTunes in their app store, now I just found out three major distro’s of Linux are there too? What alternate reality did I wake up in today?

Microsoft just announced that three different versions of the free Linux operating system — Ubuntu, Suse, and Fedora — are coming to the Windows Store, the app market in Windows 10.

Despite the article playing it off about it being not as weird as it sounds, yeah it’s still pretty friggen weird. Sorry, Microsoft has always been a company that seems to extinguish anything they embrace.; hell they do it with their own products constantly. Microsoft isn’t exactly known for doing things out of the goodness of their own heart unless they somehow benefit from it.

As someone who uses both Windows and Linux everyday this is all I can think of.

I rest my case.

HP + Audio Drivers = Keylogger?

I never cared for HP computers, and now I have another reason to continue that train of thought.

It should be noted that it they’re not trying to datamine or anything (at least that’s what it looks like), they just have really shitty code.

According to ModZero’s blog post, an update to HP’s audio drivers released in 2015 introduced new diagnostic features. One of these is used to detect if a special key had been pressed or released. Except it seems this was poorly implemented, as the driver ultimately acted like a keylogger, capturing and procesing every single keypress.

A later update to the driver was even more troubling, as it introduced behavior that wrote every single keypress to a log file stored locally on the user’s system. This is found at C:\Users\Public\MicTray.log.

Fortunately, this logfile is wiped every time you logout of your system, but as ModZero points out, if you’ve got any kind of incremental backup system in place, you could effectively be creating a permanent record of everything you type, every day.

Renaming the folder to something else seems to stop the logging, though it also seems to stop certain key presses from working… Top notch HP, top notch.

An “extra present” was found inside a used copy of GTA5

Considering the substance and game I would think this was a form of DLC. trollface

Grand Theft Auto is supposed to give players a taste of the underworld, but one mother says that the used copy that she bought for her son at GameStop went a little too far, with a small bag of methamphetamine inside the case. Now she’s warning other parents to check used video games for things that don’t belong in the cases.

Whenever I hear GameStop’s slogan “Power to the players” I didn’t know they meant meth. zorak

While I’m playing around on servers…

Today I took a long overdue look at sourcemod plugins. I figured with all the attention I gave Quake 3 yesterday I should see what plugins have been made available since my last browsing of them. I’ve made it so all TF2 and L4D servers have certain words censored, and replaced with phrases from a txt file. I’ll be adding to it as needed. trollface

Another plugin I installed gives people the ability to pick and choose what L4D or L4D2 character they want to be. Making it possible to have 4 Bill’s or other weird combo’s. As I’m typing this someone just randomly joined up on my L4D1 server and have already discovered the command. v Moar progress!

The gmod’s also got some love too. Now each server has an option to do animations like dance, bow, etc without having to open the dev console. Either opening the ulx window or typing !dance into chat will do the proper animation. This will make server parties a little bit easier.

Quake Champions Public Beta Coming Soon

If you haven’t heard May 12th starts the public beta for Quake Champions. All you need to do is go to their website, make a account and install when it becomes available. You’ll then have between the 12th and the 21st to check it out. The sooner you you make an account the better, as I’ve tried to make an account in the past to check out the new Skyrim creation kit and now have an account trapped in limbo; which meant making a 2nd account under a different name… zorak

I look forward to it. I’ll be sure to post about my adventures in how much I get my ass kicked. zorak