Open Thread

I’ve decided during my offtime that it would be nice to have a page to list my latest videos. So here it is.

So yeah… I haven’t really made anything in awhile. I haven’t figured out when I’ll get back into it. During my vacation I’ve mainly been nerding off like this or playing games (if you can’t tell by looking at my steam stats). Speaking of games I was looking for some stuff in my junk drawer and found my old Game Boy Advance! I found a couple of my old Mario games for it (Super Mario Bros 2 Advance and Mario Kart) and it remembered my progress! I’m contemplating finding more games for them. Ebay has them for dirt cheap. It’s something for me to consider.

Dawn of the vacationing

Today was the first day of some vacation time. Spent quite a bit of it playing BroForce with my bro and just relaxing in general.

But yeah, the cooperative gameplay in broforce was fun. I died more times than I’m willing to admit, and so did my brother. There were sooooo many explosions going on and half the time I kept getting confused between which character was which. But it was still fun! We played using a couple of controllers.

Open Thread

Ugh… Too tired to talk about work. Between people having a raging hard on to get me cashier trained and the annoying redneck tourists I’ve been slowly waiting for my vacation to start so I can stay the fuck away from there and hopefully get my name around to some other lines of work.

On a brighter note I did come home to my computer in a brand new case all ready and waiting for me (with an Icy Dock!) It was nice of my dad to surprise me like that. I’ll post pictures of it soon. I’m currently planning to get different accessories for the tower. Unfortunately I have to get a new media bay since it won’t fit properly, but at least they’re cheap. Might also get a 2nd Icy Dock so I can swap another set of drives.

Oh, and forgot to mention it but I got MOUL running under Linux through Wine the other night. I was bored and figured… why not? It runs quite nicely. Maybe next I should install premiere pro and see how long it takes for my distro to do a complete meltdown.

Steam Music Beta open to all!

Not only that, the desktop side of steam has it’s own music player. So that’s cool that they have more than just the big picture side. It worked fine for me while I used it in the closed beta, but I don’t really listen to music much while in big picture mode unless it’s specifically for music.

But yeah! The player for the desktop side is pretty nice. It even seems to work with my Logitech keyboard! I can pause, start, stop and skip with button presses.

They were at my mercy.

Yesterday morning before retiring to my bed to slumber I had some interesting phone calls that were left on the answering machine. Apparently I was supposed to start my cashier training yesterday, on my day off… First the trainer called wondering why I wasn’t at work, then my boss who wrote my schedule called telling me I was late (what a laugh), and then about 30 minutes later she called again telling me there was some sort of “scheduling conflict” and that I “was right for not coming in” and “if I could, come in ASAP for training” which I then proceeded to raise my middle finger up to the ceiling, make a pot of tea, and promptly went to sleep. They want me to come in and clean up their mistake? Fuck them.

When I did wake up in the afternoon though I called about a half hour after the training ended for the day (because timing is everything) and they told me that I have my regular schedule back and will have to be rescheduled for the training which can take some time. I’ll have to thank my boss for the most epic fuckup ever witnessed. This buys me some time to write more applications to other places. I even managed to get a hair appointment in finally. Today was just a really, really good day.

Is that a spout on your van or are you just happy to see me?

So I was walking around in town yesterday and saw a weird sight in the distance. It was a van with something long and phallic looking strapped to the front bumper and grill. At least that’s what my dirty mind thought it was. I was pretty confused as to what else it could be. Then when I walked by I found out it was a tea spout… It was a promotional van for the local teahouse and maaaan it got me good I guess.

Status update

I did talk to my boss the next day and told her where I stood regarding cashier training. I tried to get her to transfer me but she tried to pass it along to someone else. So I told her point blank that I would come in only for my actual job but not for training.

Having looked at the schedule they have scheduled me right before my vacation starts. So I might have to just go ahead with the training after all if I want to collect my vacation pay. Then during that time I can relax and do some job hunting. I already have one application signed and ready to hand in. It would be cool if I get it too despite it also being retail. If the rumors are true and I hope they are I would be starting at $12.00, which would be a big improvement compared to my current situation.

I’ve also decided that I’ll be cutting my hair short. I grew it down to my ass and some places might not like that. The plus side to cutting it will let them know I’m dead serious about getting the fuck out of dodge. At this point even if they told me that I didn’t have to go through training I’d still leave.

I’ve told only a small few about what’s going on (since they noticed on the schedule what I would be doing and were curious how I felt) and I’ve let them know where I stand. They agreed with me, it’s all a total joke.

So new hair, new job and new life should be on the horizon.