Is that a spout on your van or are you just happy to see me?

So I was walking around in town yesterday and saw a weird sight in the distance. It was a van with something long and phallic looking strapped to the front bumper and grill. At least that’s what my dirty mind thought it was. I was pretty confused as to what else it could be. Then when I walked by I found out it was a tea spout… It was a promotional van for the local teahouse and maaaan it got me good I guess.

Status update

I did talk to my boss the next day and told her where I stood regarding cashier training. I tried to get her to transfer me but she tried to pass it along to someone else. So I told her point blank that I would come in only for my actual job but not for training.

Having looked at the schedule they have scheduled me right before my vacation starts. So I might have to just go ahead with the training after all if I want to collect my vacation pay. Then during that time I can relax and do some job hunting. I already have one application signed and ready to hand in. It would be cool if I get it too despite it also being retail. If the rumors are true and I hope they are I would be starting at $12.00, which would be a big improvement compared to my current situation.

I’ve also decided that I’ll be cutting my hair short. I grew it down to my ass and some places might not like that. The plus side to cutting it will let them know I’m dead serious about getting the fuck out of dodge. At this point even if they told me that I didn’t have to go through training I’d still leave.

I’ve told only a small few about what’s going on (since they noticed on the schedule what I would be doing and were curious how I felt) and I’ve let them know where I stand. They agreed with me, it’s all a total joke.

So new hair, new job and new life should be on the horizon.

The Overlord is on the warpath again.

I was approached yesterday afternoon by my boss. According to her I will be trained to be a backup cashier, which I have written in the past about declining… constantly. My opinion hasn’t changed on the matter, in fact it’s been getting worse. They’ve been cutting people back even further to the point that the entire store is a skeleton crew. So somehow everyone becoming cashier trained will fix this…?

I already told her that I would be putting in my notice, but having gotten home tonight to think things through I decided that was a little bit much. I’ll talk with her tomorrow, give her some choices. If I get trained I’ll stop working with them and become a pure cashier. At least long enough until another job comes along. I’ll be picking up some job applications tomorrow before work.

Considering I’ve worked there for 7 years and am only making ten cents above minimum wage… what have I got to lose?

These in game items will cost you your first born child… and second.

Hmmmm, next time I want to buy hats in TF2 I might just have to pop out some babies and sell them on the Chinese market.

A young unmarried couple in China are accused selling not one, but two of their children to human traffickers. The money they got was used for gaming.

The first son was an accident, the second one seems to have been planned specifically:

The mother got pregnant again, and, in an interview, explained that the father “likes buying items in online games, and he likes staying out all night at internet cafes.” Because the couple was apparently using their money for the father’s gaming, the parents then allegedly sold their second son to traffickers to avoid a financial burden.

It’s rather sad as well as mind boggling that they would go through all the trouble just to purchase in game items. Basically the mother allowing herself to become a baby factory just to honor her husband’s gaming habits. Sickening.

Open Thread

So I got my new RAID card, smart card bay and RAM. Everything but the RAID card works properly. Two out of three ain’t bad I guess? :S

It’s great to plug cards into the computer again! That means I won’t have to use just my laptop to upload porn errrr I mean pussy.


Yep, Morty is still adorable.