If you’re here because you can’t load The Guild Of Slackers Forum…

Uninstalling some plugins somehow managed to break it completely. I tried using an old backup but unfortunately it fried the database. I’ll have to look into either repairing or recreating the forum from scratch at a later date. Probably during my next set of days off.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Brought the forum back up. But there’s still an issue with uploading avatars.

Back on the radar hopefully.

I haven’t really been in the mood to write anything lately (if the absence of mouthwords around here didn’t make that seem obvious). I haven’t found work elsewhere yet (not giving up on that), plus I’ve had other depressing events occur with not just work, but people I know too.

I’ve been keeping my brain distracted with games mostly plus chatting with friends and family, that’s keeping me at least half sane. Which I’m usually only half sane anyway… So, quarter sane?

Back onto the subject of games: I’ve been addicted to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance lately. Something about chopping a helicopter with nothing more than your own sword (after stunning it with grenades or rockets) somehow manages to put a smile on my face everytime. I’ve heard more Metal Gear will be making it to PC which I look forward to. It would also be awesome to play MGS1 through 4 too. They looked fun but never really had the platform for it.

For multiplayer though? Borderlands 2. Nuff said, it’s just awesome. :P

Oh well, back to stuff.

Open Thread

I’ve decided during my offtime that it would be nice to have a page to list my latest videos. So here it is.

So yeah… I haven’t really made anything in awhile. I haven’t figured out when I’ll get back into it. During my vacation I’ve mainly been nerding off like this or playing games (if you can’t tell by looking at my steam stats). Speaking of games I was looking for some stuff in my junk drawer and found my old Game Boy Advance! I found a couple of my old Mario games for it (Super Mario Bros 2 Advance and Mario Kart) and it remembered my progress! I’m contemplating finding more games for them. Ebay has them for dirt cheap. It’s something for me to consider.

Dawn of the vacationing

Today was the first day of some vacation time. Spent quite a bit of it playing BroForce with my bro and just relaxing in general.

But yeah, the cooperative gameplay in broforce was fun. I died more times than I’m willing to admit, and so did my brother. There were sooooo many explosions going on and half the time I kept getting confused between which character was which. But it was still fun! We played using a couple of controllers.