Everybody hurts sometimes.

So I’m on my weekend right now. I’m thankful since this week has been rather unpleasant. Not for me but for other people.

Yesterday we were all pulled off the sales floor to hear that a long time co-worker of ours had passed away the day before. Her liver had failed possibly due to her radiation treatments for her cancer. She was only 52. Then earlier the baby of one of our other co-workers had passed away, only three months old… It’s sad when bad things happen to good people.

If there is any kind of god he must obviously hate rejects. No wonder Dick Cheney is still alive.

I’m going to say something I never thought I would ever have to say…

Someone mistook me for Justin Bieber… Seriously, I’m not joking.

Ok, it was a five year old girl that thought I was Justin Bieber, but still! It’s fucking crazy!

So I decided to have my lunch outside today, and there was this mother and her two little girls. I was getting prepped, had my controller plugged in and was ready to get started, headphones were in the proper position. Then one of them walks up and asks me a question that strangely sounds like “Are you Justin Bieber?”. So I took my headphones off and looked over at her “Pardon?” I ask politely. Then she repeats it, “Are you Justin Bieber?” and she’s got a huge smile on her face. The only thing going through my head at that moment was “….the fuck?” So I smile, and I look at her and say in a soft voice “Why yes… I am.” and she lets out a huge squee and starts singing his songs. Which at that point I put my headphones back on to drown out the noise.

The mom kept calling her and the other one back over and over again, and they didn’t listen. The mom was too huge to walk, in fact it took all of the energy in the world for her to stand in that one particular spot bitching about a late taxi.

So, that was the highlight of my day. To make it even weirder I wore a red kimono top and black pants. Also, I know my hair is shorter now, but it isn’t a Bieber cut. I’ve been getting all kinds of strange remarks regarding it (mostly about how it makes me look much older and more mature because, you know… hair decides that I guess.) but this? This is… different?

I can tell I haven’t been here for a few.

Logged into my blog today and found like, 8 different things to update. Some plugins, a lot of themes I should probably uninstall, and the new WordPress! Up on 4.0 right now.

I’ll probably look into updating the forum either later tonight or tomorrow. Feel like resting my brain a bit today, the last 7 days at work have been pretty nuts. I survived Labor Day and made closer to what I should be making daily. Then I hear of some new rules they’re trying to enforce.

One of them involves not sitting on benches. They’re for the customers only. Which would make sense if not for one minor issue… Our time clock where we punch in and out of is next to one of the benches, where people will usually wait when they’re coming back from lunch. We’ve started retaliating by sitting on the floor next to the bench. Which btw looks really silly when the bench is empty. I had some customers stare at me when I did it the other day. And I guess at one point there were five people sitting on the floor. One of the suggestions is to stand over by the fine jewelery area and window shop all the pretty things… I got yelled at yesterday for sitting on the floor because according to the person in charge at the time you’re not even supposed to be sitting on the floor around it. The email I got says otherwise… I’ll be doing it again. Full asshole mode is enabled right now and I can’t find the off switch.

Another rule that I might get in trouble for involves sitting in our cafe area. You can only sit there if you buy something from the deli area (which I usually buy a drink to go with my lunch (since the tea I bring doesn’t last me throughout the day. :P ) and even if you do buy something you have to move to another table if a customer says they want your spot. I can kind of understand if you’re sitting there for your quick break, but for lunch when you’re on your own time? Fuck them all to hell.

At this rate it won’t be long before they enforce limits on using the employee bathroom…

If you’re here because you can’t load The Guild Of Slackers Forum…

Uninstalling some plugins somehow managed to break it completely. I tried using an old backup but unfortunately it fried the database. I’ll have to look into either repairing or recreating the forum from scratch at a later date. Probably during my next set of days off.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Brought the forum back up. But there’s still an issue with uploading avatars.

Back on the radar hopefully.

I haven’t really been in the mood to write anything lately (if the absence of mouthwords around here didn’t make that seem obvious). I haven’t found work elsewhere yet (not giving up on that), plus I’ve had other depressing events occur with not just work, but people I know too.

I’ve been keeping my brain distracted with games mostly plus chatting with friends and family, that’s keeping me at least half sane. Which I’m usually only half sane anyway… So, quarter sane?

Back onto the subject of games: I’ve been addicted to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance lately. Something about chopping a helicopter with nothing more than your own sword (after stunning it with grenades or rockets) somehow manages to put a smile on my face everytime. I’ve heard more Metal Gear will be making it to PC which I look forward to. It would also be awesome to play MGS1 through 4 too. They looked fun but never really had the platform for it.

For multiplayer though? Borderlands 2. Nuff said, it’s just awesome. :P

Oh well, back to stuff.