Open Game Thread

I’ve been relaxing with my game collection. Starting over in Borderlands 2 as a mechromancer (just got to level 11 today!) so that’s been fun. Also played a bit of MvM earlier on my TF2 server and found out that I had some broken plugins. Unfortunately there haven’t been any fixes for them so I’ll have to wait. One gives bots access to all game weapons and the other enables multiple TF2 holidays instead of just having one. So that’s kind of a bum deal…

Oh, and I’ve also started up on Tomb Raider 3. Had a hell of a time trying to get that running in full 1080p. Had to go through an assortment of compatibility modes to get it to work properly… But like all the tomb raiders that I’ve played it’s fun! I only ever played the Playstation demo when I was a kid. Hell I even setup my controller so I could play the old nostalgic way! Even going as far as looking up all the commands to enter into my joypad. I also decided to start up on Metal Gear Solid. Aside from one part of the gunfight with Revolver Ocelot lagging during him having a raging hardon about reloading his revolver it’s been running quite nicely. Even recognizes directinput so that I can run my controller without any issues.

And finally I went to visit MOULa to see how things were going. People are still whining about the vaultwipe that had to be done awhile ago and having to do the ages again. I’ve also been reading the forums about how some have gone as far as to contemplate not playing the game anymore… I even laughed when I saw certain people striving to get low KI numbers because you know, those are still totally relevant after a decade of the games existence amirite? That and some other threads I’ve read have made me glad that I stick with other game forums. Heck, it’s sad that quite a few FPS forums that I frequent are far friendlier than the retirement home that is the Myst Online Uru Live forums.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Well I’m almost through my first week back with today being my Friday. It’s been a pretty weird week. We had a drunk wander in which I’d rather not go into full detail about, had to try and cheer some co-workers up who have been down lately since things haven’t gotten any better, they’re getting worse as usual. I found out one of the people I work with, whom I’ve known since I was a kid through my mom working there that she refuses to work with one of the other girls because of Vietnam flashbacks. Which is weird since she’s not a vet, nor are her husband or kids, nor have they ever been to Vietnam… Oh, and the girl isn’t even from Vietnam, she’s Filipino. Cute way of saying you’re a racist I guess…

Looking forward to my weekend away from that drama. I already have a mental to do list thought out. Just need some good weather to accomplish it. :P

No longer annoyed with TF2, for now…

Yesterday Scream Fortress officially launched (and it’s fixed under Linux now too w00t!), perfect way to start my next set of timeoff and on a gray rainy day no less!

This year there isn’t a Halloween boss to defeat, instead we get bumper cars! I was rather surprised when people first talked about it because as crazy as TF2 gets I never really expected bumper cars to appear in the game. But there they were all ready and rearing. Also they had to change up the drop system for gifts due to the idlers who like to take gifts for themselves. This year it’s just two cauldrons of gifts (6 gifts total) and a drop every 3 hours on the other Halloween maps. I can live with that.

I’ve still been doing a lot of pubbing to get gifts. Pissing people off with how I play because unlike most people I don’t stick with just one class. I tend to change if we need a pyro, heavy, spy etc. Been making so many kids rage that it’s been pretty funny. I’ve also been recording my adventures just in case something happens. At the end of all this I might make a Halloween collage video. :D

I’ve been slightly annoyed with TF2 lately.

It’s been almost a month since Valve broke TF2 for AMD GPU users under Linux, forcing me to main under Windows until this gets straightened out. Then tonight when I went to get a Halloween gift from one of the servers I didn’t get it due to some kind of bug. I guess this has been happening for other people too. You run up to the gift, the gift vanishes, and then when the round ends it tells you the gift has vanished… wtf?

I’m not going to demand Valve deliver a gift to my doorstep or anything, but things just haven’t felt right with TF2 lately. Hopefully when the main Halloween event starts things look a bit better. There are quite a few on github who have been complaining about not being able to play TF2 due to their GPU and getting annoyed that they can’t participate in the event unless they swap to the Open Source drivers, which cause quite a few people to take a huge dip in performance compared to AMD’s drivers. Someone even got sick of waiting for Valve that they sold their R9 290 and went with NVidia. You’d think if you’re wanting people to play on the Linux platform that you’d want one of the most popular free FPS games to be working on all hardware, and to make it a high priority.

GamerGate: The stupid continues.

You know, if you’re trying to convey a message of some kind to get people over to your side, like how GamerGate is only about fighting for “ethics in game journalism” for example? You probably shouldn’t make comments like these to people who are afraid of your movement.


More things have been popping up like that. In fact another voice has stepped up and has been getting the same treatment. This is Felicia Day’s tumblr blog post regarding why she hasn’t said anything about GamerGate until now.

I have been through a lot in my years on the internet. I have encountered a small fraction of the attacks from people like the ones who currently represent the worst of this “movement”. In the past, I worked through it alone because I felt shining a light on their words gave them exactly what they wanted: Attention and credibility. To say that their attacks and contempt didn’t set me back creatively would be a lie, but overall I got through the twists and turns, emotionally battered, but alright. My philosophy has always been, “Exist and represent yourself the way you want to exist as a woman who loves games, not as a reflection of what other people think or want of you. You will change minds by BEING. Show, don’t tell.” The attacks I experienced over the years were NOTHING compared to people who are the victims of these attacks now, but I still thought early on during the Gamer Gate phenomenon, “These trolls will dissipate into the night like they always do, it will be fine.”

Shortly after writing that she was later doxxed aka her phone number and address were posted in the comments (which were later removed after disabling comments).

One common thing I’ve noticed about the GamerGate thing is they tend to not only fight in circle jerk logic to tire people from arguing about the “bad apples”, but they tend to try and silence people who don’t agree with them even if it’s just suggesting to not be such big douchecanoes. Harsher if they happen to be female or feminist, which to these dudebros it seems to be one in the same. Basically agree with us or we’ll hunt you down/send death threats. yeah, way win people over. I’m guessing these were the same tactics they tried to use to find a insignificant other…

If there was even any shred of genuine desire to go after the gaming media for “ethics in game journalism” it died when these knuckle draggers became it’s face for the bowel movement. At this point it would be time to find a new thing to call yourselves. Most people are going to look at GamerGate and back as far the fuck away as possible.

GamerGate: The tea party movement for gamers.

Originally I wasn’t going to post about the whole GamerGate thing, mainly because the whole thing seemed so childishly stupid that I figured it wouldn’t last more than a week. Heh, that wouldn’t be the first time I’d find myself on the wrong side though. I forgot how the current generation tends to thrive on stupid.

For those who are fortunate to not know what GamerGate is I think it was covered quite nicely in this article:

(#Gamergate, for those unaware, is what happened a bit over a month ago, where an angry neckbeard posted demonstrably false allegations about his ex-girlfriend, claiming she slept with video game site reviewers for better scores for her games (again, demonstrably false), and then a whole bunch of other angry neckbeards on the Internet went full Denis Dyack and spitfrothed themselves into national attention by making an array of threats on numerous female game developers, including ones about their death, tried to hide behind a shield of “it’s about journalistic ethics because they said gamers are dead,” and generally proved why the Internet needs to be burned to the ground and the ashes salted.

Even if she did sleep with game reviewers to get a good review for a game that’s free… who the fuck cares? I mean seriously. Would they be saying the same thing if it was a guy? No, he’d be considered a stud. The only people I could see actually caring about this would be people who couldn’t get anywhere with women. Oops, I think I just described GamerGate. :v

I wouldn’t say that the term gamer is “dead” perse. But gaming has changed. It’s an ever evolving thing. Back in the old days you weren’t considered a gamer if you didn’t play board games, then you weren’t considered a real gamer if you didn’t play DnD, then later you weren’t considered a gamer if you didn’t play sidescrollers/platformers then FPS, etc etc. It’s becoming more inclusive. DEAL WITH IT.

Do I want to censor certain things from games? No! But if you’re going to have scantly clad women in a game I’d better see men wearing the same thing dammit. I mean equality, right? Here, lets make a goalpost.


When I see this make it into a game we’ll talk.