The gaming is strong in this one.

I put my elevator source server back up last night. It’s amazing how so many people will login and stay on for sometimes an hour, two hours… And all you do is just stand in an elevator going floor to floor watching things happen. I mostly see kids on their who haven’t reached puberty which is the norm for garrysmod. I guess if any parents want to find a cheap babysitter for their 12 year old child they just need to make them play elevator. They’ll stay there all day and all night…

On another note Scream Fortress is in full motion now. I’ll probably be playing that a lot to get some of that spooky swag.

Oh, and last night I finally defeated Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2. Guess it’s time to break into the DLC. ;)

Played a bit of MOULa last night. Somehow stumbled upon 26 people in the city instead of the usual 3 or 4 that I see when I can be arsed to open up the game. Turns out there was some kind of tour going on that lead to kirel. I always forget how horrible the voice chat was in that game until someone decides to open their mouth. Voice chatting sure has come a long way since then. I’m thankful for VoiP.

Also did some more Saints Row the 3rd last night. Playing the mission where you’re acting in a movie. I kept getting annoyed with that mission due to my homie the purple space princess getting stuck in certain areas. Might pick up on it in a bit if I’m up to the task. Or do another mission entirely.

The game I never knew I had.

Once upon a time when I was a kid I gamed on three platforms. A PC, a Playstation (the original one) and a Gameboy Advance (also an original one). My favorites to play on Playstation were the Tomb Raider 1 and Chronicles (which I also played on PC because being able to save ANYWHERE was a bonus), Crash Bandicoot 2, Twisted Metal 2, the PacMan collection which I also remember playing on an old Atari 2600 (god I feel old) and of course the old Pizza Hut demo CD’s which contained popular games like Tomb Raider 3, Spyro, Metal Gear Solid and some others. I played the hell out of Spyro and the Metal Gear Solid demos. I played those a lot because I could never find the full games at stores.

Recently my nostalgiameter has been going off between playing old DOS games and discovering a GameBoy emulator. So I figured why not try emulating some of my old Playstation games too? That could be fun. So I walked out into the living room and headed over to the small wall of Playstation discs and saw one game that not only stood out, but also made my jaw drop.


I carried it back into my room and announced over mumble to one of my friends what I had found. The greatest hits CD’s for Metal Gear Solid. Instead of playing that version I decided to hunt down the PC version I heard so much about. Because hey, it exists so why not use it? I tracked it down along with MGS2 Substance, set my Logitech controller up and played some of MGS1 and the VR missions. I was in Nirvana.

Between finding the CD’s for it though and playing the game I kicked myself the entire time. I have no idea when this game turned up. Had I have known that I had it back in the day I would have definitely played it. As I stated I was hooked on the demo. Even now I’m still trying to figure out where the hell these even came from.

The obligatory catching up thread

There’s a lot I could have been blogging about, but I’ve just either been too tired or not in the mood.


Of course I haven’t been ignoring the blog. I have been updating the features, even included a nice new steam stats plugin so you can check out what I’ve mostly been playing. Still sucked into Borderlands 2. I even leveled up to 32 last night! Space Engineers has been an interesting experiment. Reminds me of Garrysmod in space with minecraft elements. Speaking of Garrysmod I’ve been running a new cinema server which is pretty cool. It lets you get together with friends to watch things on sites like YouTube, blip or whatever place you want to watch stuff in cinema maps. It’s a fun way to share crazy links, which my group of friends and I seem to enjoy doing in mumble and IRC. Been also playing a bit of Saints Row the third on and off. That game is pretty funny. And of course TF2 which goes without saying. My TF2 servers have become pretty popular, especially Mann vs Machine. In fact on a daily basis I notice people on and off of MvM, regular TF2, CS:GO and L4D2 is usually getting some healthy use. And once on awhile the two gmod servers get some traffic. Especially during the weekend. Never expected the servers to become quite that popular. Even our steam group has grown a small bit. :D

Already put in for my next vacation. Hopefully I’ll have off during Halloween for some funtime. Also continue my job searching. No luck yet on that front yet btw. But I’m not giving up yet. I’m still determined to get out of there. It seems like everyday when I go to work they find another way to make the employees more miserable, especially with the new rules being put into place by our store manager. I like how you can get written up now if you’re caught not smiling… Yeah, that’s an actual rule. Even if no customers are around if you’re caught with no smile on your face you get into trouble. I didn’t believe it until I saw the email. I’ll save the rest of that BS for another post and another day. It’s my weekend right now and I don’t need to raise my blood pressure.

If you’re on Linux/Unix/Mac you might want to watch out for “ShellShock”

Friend of mine linked this in our mumble chat this morning. It’s an exploit found in nix systems that lets people remotely take control of your system using Bash.

The flaw has been found in a software component known as Bash, which is a part of many Linux systems as well as Apple’s Mac operating system.

The bug, dubbed Shellshock, can be used to remotely take control of almost any system using Bash, researchers said.

Experts said it was more serious than the Heartbleed bug discovered in April.

Keep an eye out for a patch on your distro of choice.

Everybody hurts sometimes.

So I’m on my weekend right now. I’m thankful since this week has been rather unpleasant. Not for me but for other people.

Yesterday we were all pulled off the sales floor to hear that a long time co-worker of ours had passed away the day before. Her liver had failed possibly due to her radiation treatments for her cancer. She was only 52. Then earlier the baby of one of our other co-workers had passed away, only three months old… It’s sad when bad things happen to good people.

If there is any kind of god he must obviously hate rejects. No wonder Dick Cheney is still alive.

I’m going to say something I never thought I would ever have to say…

Someone mistook me for Justin Bieber… Seriously, I’m not joking.

Ok, it was a five year old girl that thought I was Justin Bieber, but still! It’s fucking crazy!

So I decided to have my lunch outside today, and there was this mother and her two little girls. I was getting prepped, had my controller plugged in and was ready to get started, headphones were in the proper position. Then one of them walks up and asks me a question that strangely sounds like “Are you Justin Bieber?”. So I took my headphones off and looked over at her “Pardon?” I ask politely. Then she repeats it, “Are you Justin Bieber?” and she’s got a huge smile on her face. The only thing going through my head at that moment was “….the fuck?” So I smile, and I look at her and say in a soft voice “Why yes… I am.” and she lets out a huge squee and starts singing his songs. Which at that point I put my headphones back on to drown out the noise.

The mom kept calling her and the other one back over and over again, and they didn’t listen. The mom was too huge to walk, in fact it took all of the energy in the world for her to stand in that one particular spot bitching about a late taxi.

So, that was the highlight of my day. To make it even weirder I wore a red kimono top and black pants. Also, I know my hair is shorter now, but it isn’t a Bieber cut. I’ve been getting all kinds of strange remarks regarding it (mostly about how it makes me look much older and more mature because, you know… hair decides that I guess.) but this? This is… different?