The Slackers Return To Borderlands 2

I had audio syncing issues when putting this video together in Premiere. After some research and trying a couple programs I ended up settling on Shotcut, which is a free open source and cross platform alternative to Premiere. I think I’ll be migrating to it completely since it seems to have everything I need.

It’s really difficult for me to support a company when they pull this shit

I found out recently that Bethesda removed the original Skyrim from Steam searches. The older version still exists and CAN be purchased, but they’ve made it far more expensive than Special Edition which comes with all the DLC’s bundled, but with less mods supporting it compared to the original.

Special Edition is $39.99 where I live. But if I wanted to purchase the original it would be $19.99, that doesn’t come with the DLC though and the Legendary Edition of the game was pulled not long after Special Edition’s release. So if you want to purchase the DLC you’ll have to pay a whopping $44.97 on top of the $19.99 for the base game. It seems unusual to me to have to pay MORE for an older version of a game. Why is this? It’s because when it all boils down to it there really isn’t much of a difference between the two products other than 64 bit support, new meshes, god rays, Bethesda’s own modding ecosystem, and a new creation kit that seems to fuck up even more than the original.

Whenever a new version of a game is released the original is discounted at a significant price. The fact they didn’t do so and in fact increased the price should tell you what version is superior.

New AMD drivers fix white screen issue with NieR Automata

After a couple months of release AMD finally sorted the problem in the latest driver update. The issue seemed to crop up more among RX series cards rather than all AMD cards as a whole. The reason why it took so long was explained by AMD in a reddit post.

“I know I will be asked ‘why did it take so long’ and the short answer is sometimes when an issue seems like it’s so simple can turn out to be incredibly complicated to resolve, taking longer than expected time to discover, resolve, and verify the root cause.”

Better late than never I suppose. I can’t say I had the same problems, most of my issues were sorted by installing FAR. I installed the latest drivers anyway and did more playing last night. Still need to experiment more with the settings but overall everything handled well.

Glory to the Overlord

I did a small private stream today, and the choice game was Saints Row IV. I’ve played a little bit of it in the past, but this time I went much further. So far I seem to really be enjoying it. Hopping from rooftop to rooftop and running beyond the speed of cocaine, truly I am the best president in the universe. I played until the game decided to crash, apparently I ran so fast the application just couldn’t keep up with my awesomeness. I even ran in high heels… You’d think that would slow me down. trollface

At least I managed to get out of that 50’s McCheerio’s garb and get the hell away from the simulated pancake hell in the beginning. I can tell I’m really going to like this game, and I thought the third game was good. zorak Oh, and for the record my character is voiced by Nolan North. I wanted it to be classy.