What was this eclipse you speak of?

The fire is still spreading, but we did have a nice fog all day and I’m hearing we’ll be expecting more tomorrow too. This is good news for the fire fighters. The bad news is it’s still spreading like crazy, but not bad enough for us to evacuate yet. Sadly quite a few people I know have lost their homes. sad But on a brighter side there have been no casualties. The amount of firefighters has increased to 365.

Work hasn’t been much better; lots of people had to evacuate their homes, every section of our store was running on low maintenance. Even in my section I only had one person with me, and they’re completely useless… So I’m pretty much the only one left. Everyone else has either evacuated or are on vacation. What a mess. rick I don’t even know when I’ll be getting another day off. Probably not until next week and even then that seems questionable right now, though I guess that’s better than having work go up in flames. morty

Sadly I didn’t get to see the eclipse today… zorak Too much fog and smoke eating the sun. I took my camera to work just in case but only managed to record fabulous fog in 1080p with smartassed comments. razz Nothing worthy of being put on my youtube channel…

Late Night Open Thread

It seems my rip and tear session with the dentist has been put on hold due to the fire. Fortunately I’m no longer in any pain. Of course right after hearing this I get a call from work wondering if I can work tomorrow for someone as they have been told to evacuate their home and they need to gather their things. So I’ll be going in tomorrow to cover. No sense staying home as we probably won’t see the eclipse through the smoke…

I do have some good news though, at present we have no wind going. Which is good for fire containment. The fire isn’t as close to town as originally stated either; only 13 miles out instead of the 3 they were stating. There is no smoky aroma outside at the moment, we can actually smell the flowers and herbs in our garden. zorak Hoping things stay stagnant enough for the fire fighters to keep it at bay.

The fire continues to burn

The fire I mentioned yesterday is getting far worse. The town is being told to stay on alert in case of an evac, and it sounds like it’ll mostly be because of the smoke rather than the fire creeping in. I’m hoping that’s the case.

I just took these pictures a few minutes ago. It’s just after 4pm but it looks like it’s sunset… The sun was red earlier, tried to get that too but it vanished in the smoke. It looks like Resident Evil 4 outside. I feel sorry for older people who have to breathe this stuff, and people who traveled from all over to watch the solar eclipse. I even saw people from France and the UKĀ  passing through yesterday. I’d hate to be traveling right now. rick

If I end up evacuating I’ll be sure to bring my laptop and post here when I get the chance.

Weekend Open Thread

I’ve been tired/busy the last few days. In fact yesterday when I got home I basically passed out and didn’t wake up until it was time to head to work. But it’s the weekend now. I have a watermelon to look forward to, and another dental attempt on Monday…

Five days ago a fire started up the river a ways outside town. Over the last few days evacuations have begun, fortunately the fire is nowhere near where I live but we are having to deal with smoky hazy atmosphere and ash falling all over the place. It looks like Skyrim’s Solstheim right now, be careful of those ashspawn. O_o

I wish I could say it’s getting better, but the fire is in such a place that the firefighters are not able to get directly to it to put it out (rough terrain). We need rain, and the soonest bit of rain is expected in October. We’re hoping it happens much sooner. unamused

Late Night Open Thread

I have my date set for next week for pulling. I’m hoping things go smoothly; if they can’t pull it out I’ll have to talk to a surgeon. If so I’ll have to hold off on that for the time being.

Played a bit of Dead Island tonight, figured it’s been awhile… and the game even reminded me by giving me an achievement for coming back 28+ days later. Progress! Managed to get some other ones as well for actually doing shit.

Oh yeah, and how the hell is this bat staying together?

Coming up for air.

Ever since getting home yesterday I’ve pretty much been stuck in bed sleeping off the pain/medication. They gave me Norco for the pain, which causes me some serious motion sickness… Even the thought of playing a sidescroller makes my stomach churn, I’ve already thrown up once. Not relating to gaming, just got too queasy while eating some yogurt last night. I haven’t been using my jaw very much for anything, mainly sticking with soups and soft stuff… Between this and the silver hair I’m at least getting some good practice in for when I get old.

On the brightside the upper tooth he removed doesn’t really feel so bad, it’s mainly my lower jaw that’s the problem. I’ve made an appointment with another dentist in town for a second opinion. I’m hoping people at work don’t have an issue with me taking multiple days off from work to get this resolved. Not that it matters, I have a good reputation AND I haven’t called in sick within the last couple of years. I don’t know many people who can say that.

My one other complaint is the pain and drug side effects invading my dreams. Lets just say they’ve all been centering around my jaw a little more than usual. v

I hope this improves tomorrow. I don’t want to have to call into work again to tell them I’m still fucked up… more than usual.