Weekend Open Thread

Survived another week of work and now I’ve been rewarded with two days of not thinking about it. I’ll be heading up river tomorrow to get some sun and floating around in the water if I’m hot enough. Last week I just absorbed the sun, a little too much perhaps. I have small patches here and there, will have to try harder to protect the pale. Hopefully between my skin and hair I don’t blind the others. razz

Anyways, open thread in session.

Punch it until it works

I updated a caching plugin yesterday only to find that it made my blog explode with a site encoding error… Fortunately I didn’t lose access to the admin panel like some other people did… Someone was kind enough to put the previous version back up for download, would have been nice if the devs did that themselves… I’ve been reading their support forum and it’s full of people having all kinds of issues. At least I have the older version back in my hands, though I could have pulled it from one of the other sites I run. trollface


They kicked out an update as I wrote this blog post. Just updated and now everything works.

***Update #2***

Nevermind… Had to disable it again, will revert back tomorrow.

I haven’t forgotten about lunch vlogs

I almost made a vlog today detailing what I played, but it would have been about Skyrim. I already released a Skyrim video and wasn’t sure if having the two side by side would be a good idea. If no one minds I’ll consider it next time. Believe me, I have A LOT I could say about Skyrim and the reactions I get from those who cross my screen whilst I happily twiddle my thumbs upon the Steam Controller that I aptly named “Gabe’s Nipples”.

Speaking of vlogs I’ve been wanting to do more of them for quite some time, but technical difficulties have put me off from doing anything; such as the graphics card wanting to eject itself whenever I try to use OBS Studio, or recording on battery. Which anyone will tell you is about as smooth as pulling teeth out of a cow. I’m sure if I did a clean install of Windows I could probably fix the NVidia hell I went through last year that caused these issues, but everything else is working fine. OBS not working isn’t enough for me to justify a new install. The only solution I can think of is using extra footage that I film on my desktop for the vlogs, which I wasn’t too wild about, but after thinking about it if I take into consideration that I play the same games at home that I do on the on the go maybe it doesn’t even matter that much.

Regardless I haven’t abandoned the idea. I also want to do a podcast, but that’s a whole other can of worms… and timing. We haz none. v

We live in the age of data mining

This pretty much confirms my thoughts on Alexa and all of Amazon’s competitors.

Watch what you say to your Amazon Echo. Amazon may give developers transcripts of your conversations with your Amazon Alexa personal assistant so they can build smarter, more responsive software, according to a new report.

I can’t say I’d be comfortable with a company keeping stats on what I request and do. Meanwhile I know people who absolutely adore the idea in spite of being recorded because they feel they have nothing to hide. Neither do I but I don’t leave my door open 24/7 for companies to learn about me. Granted any store that has a card program keeps tabs on what you buy, but it’s limited to that store. Amazon Echo and its competition works on a larger scale.

Alexa does record conversations once the user says its “wake word”— either Amazon or Alexa or computer—and some of that information is shared back to Amazon’s cloud. Users can track what is recorded from the smart phone device that is paired with the home speaker and erase interactions as needed.

I have a hard time believing it only listens when you say its name. If that is indeed the case how does it pick up on “Alexa?” and nothing else?

Almost Monday Morning Open Thread

I had a very productive day off. Cleaned the bedding, cleaned the bod, made dinner and finished making another video which I’ll probably post tomorrow at some point.

Last night I had a horrible nightmare about getting a VAC ban, and then after staring at it for several hours it went away… Apparently my gaze is so intense that it lifts bans in my sleep…

Welcome to Cyrodiil

Been playing Beyond Skyrim: Bruma; a mod that takes you to Cyrodiil. It has custom NPC’s and voice acting, new items, creatures, books and plant life. I’ve been enjoying the new adventure so far, mainly just wandering around and not following the quest. I want to see all the sights. zorak

While I’ve wandered for long periods of time I’ve mainly been sticking to caves. Large caves with much to explore, bandits to be murdered… and bears. There have been quite a few.

The girl who killed Woolfe

I can now add Woolfe: The Redhood Diaries to my list of finished games. I received the game a few years ago as a birthday present from Bong. v It was upon installing it I came to the conclusion that I would keep getting games where I would slice people to death in high heelz. My fate is an odd one… melon

Woolfe has a beautiful yet dark fairytale aesthetic to match an interesting retelling of a classic story, not to mention it has superb gameplay to boot. My only complaint is you can finish the game in a just a few hours with the only replay value of finding diary pages hidden around the levels. The game also leaves off with a cliffhanger. Not sure if I could recommend it for $9.99 but I definitely could for a sale.

Having read the Wikipedia article about the game I’d say the chances of this continuing seem awfully slim. I would hope to be wrong though as I would definitely buy another installment. grin Other than it being short and sweet it is a nice game, and it did inspire a Halloween costume for a certain someone… Though slightly modified. melon