An Open Thread to break the silence

My new monitor arrived yesterday! meeseeks I’ve been enjoying dual 1440p. It’s a Samsung with really nice features. Finally, I can drag one window to the other screen and not have to resize it. razz Also I can play 1440p in bed without having to switch back to 1080p to play something. I will miss the remote control, but this is a good sacrifice. At present I’m watching one of the virtual machines, a couple chat windows and the Steam server list. Making spying on my stuff much easier.:zorak:

Work has been tiring me out lately, I have some time off coming up in a couple weeks. After all the craziness within the last month I look forward to some RnR. I do have one more day of work before my weekend though at least, which I already made plans for. Getting the hair done and the body checked to see if I need an oil change or something.

Hopefully all goes well.

Monday Afternoon Open Thread

It’s been a nice relaxing two days off. I ordered my new monitor, should be here day after tomorrow and I also ordered some other stuff for certain someones birthdays… I also ended up buying myself a new pair of shoes as I got tired of being jabbed in the heel nonstop. And some emergency sauces for nights when I’m too tired to make my own. trollface


Other than that I’ve basically been sitting atop my digital throne looking down upon my backlog of games… and wasting my time in Sonic Mania and rom hacks for the older games. I did a private stream today of Amy and Cream, then Knuckles, Knuckles and Knuckles because just Knuckles and Knuckles was completely fucked up. Yesterday I also did a bit of a mania run as Knuckles. I think I prefer playing as Knuckles, he’s more fun to explore the environments as. Mods are already kicking off for that game too, you can even find a mod manager for Mania. I also extracted Sonic Mania’s contents and found some interesting stuff, unused sprites, music, sounds and that kind of stuff. There are already a lot of youtube videos on the subject.

Tonight I’ll be heading out to the movies to watch the new IT. I’ve heard mixed things about IT, guess I’ll see how the remake is… It won’t be the same without Tim Curry. v

Never Overclock Your Underwear

I’ve come back to Jazzpunk to check out the new additions, figured I’ve put it off long enough… why not? I explored the expanded Japanese level and found a bunch of new things. I had a field day with screenshots, there were just too many jaw dropping things that caught my eye. meeseeks

There are a couple vending machines that have been added to the level. From drugs to cyborg ramen there are all kinds of new things to try. Like this little masterpiece of mayonnaise. morty

I took some drugs from one of said vending machines, and it messed up my screen for a moment and produced this text on the wall. Taking drugs multiple times gives off different results, like grandma toe. zorak

As a lover of ramen I approve.

I found dessert, a jazzy pie. I wonder if it’s made of crow?

I always wondered what Japanese lemonade was like, not fizzy!

Someone getting a taste of VR.

Refrigerators? I was expecting pachinko machines…

I had to resist being arrested by the cyber police. Suddenly I was given lightning powers. What next… A sword?


Played a bit of the Wedding Cake (formerly Qake) Quake 3 parody. Now featuring unlockable maps and players. I wish this was multiplayer over the web, but at least there is splitscreen. Perhaps I can con my brother into playing with me sometime. razz

I’m thinking after I finish the game (again) I’ll check out the Flavour Nexus DLC. What few additions I’ve seen from the directors cut so far has been pretty stellar. Plus I want to see that watermelon again. melon

We had rain!

I was too tired to write about it yesterday (and too distracted by killing demons in doom) to mention that we did have a nice rain yesterday that did impact the fire quite a bit in various areas. I don’t even smell the fire today. grin Hoping things will get better.

I’ve mostly been doing mundane things today like cleaning the bedding, some online shopping, setting up some appointments among other things. I have some birthdays that need proper gift deployment. zorak And perhaps maybe a new 32″ monitor to replace my 32″ TV. I love 1440p so much now that 1080p feels like 640×480… lol

Evening Open Thread

I’m having a goofy evening tonight and want to share my findings on the world wide webz.

As an added bonus I’ve been countertrolling the NieR Automata forums. Sadly the thread was deleted. But you need not worry as I had a tab open with the thread in it, but only 99% of the thread is there though, a rather insignificant one. He merely responded to Yutram’s one post with “u wot m8?”. Here’s a link.

Another funny thing to note is that his profile was public before his thread got the kebash. You can still see his awesome multiple VAC bans.

Smokey Sunday

Sorry for not writing the last few days. This week has been really tiring due to work and the smoke from the fire. It’s still slowly growing but not so much in our direction. The only suck part has been the smoke these last few days, it’s like bacon without the meat. It was so bad at work yesterday that you could barely see things in the distance. After about two hours I was starting to get seriously dizzy, ended up getting a respirator which made me feel kinda like Psycho Mantis. zorak No one had any problems with me wearing it, although I had one lady that thought I was promoting an upcoming movie… Yeah, it’s called I don’t want to fucking drop on the ground: Rated PG-13.

The atmosphere while still smoky is far better today, I’ve been stuck on my laptop since yesterday due to keeping the heat down in house. We have to keep the doors and windows shut to keep the smoke out, and the temperature has been in the 80’s F here. We’re getting a trickle of a breeze right now and hopefully that’ll pick up in a bit. I don’t like choosing between stale air and smokey air. morty