The Controllerpocalypse
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On the subject of Controllers lately, I’ve rounded up this collection:


Surprisingly they all work. Even the mutant one with the too many buttons. The two Saiteks in the picture were not very memorable. But then in the 90’s and early 00’s controllers on PC were going through that awkward phase still.

The Playstation controllers still work, one of these days if I ever felt like playing an emulator I might get the proper adapters. Or just setup the old PS1. I always liked the way the Playstation Controllers felt, which was why I would really enjoy the Logitechs later on which are basically a lovechild of Playstation’s Dualshock with the XBox’s buttons. Then we have the Steam Controller; which has been pretty cool so far.

Steam Controller Diary: Day 1
Steam Controller Diary: Day 1 avatar


Yesterday I spent a good portion of my time futzing about with the new Steam Controller. I took it slow at first and tested it out by playing some platformers like Abyss Odyssey and Blade Kitten, that handled well as expected, as did PacMan. Then I decided to kick things up a notch and try configuring Skyrim. That’s when things got a little confusing. At least until I decided to look up configs created by other users.


Each game (if someone creates a config to share) has a config that you can use if you’re not sure what would be a good layout. I took one of the configs for Skyrim and made a slight edit to it and surprisingly it handled real well. Well enough that I could play it away from my desk if I so choose to.

After finding the community section for games I decided to look at other games in my collection. Surprisingly even PacMan has some user created configs for it. Even some old DOS games. Daikatana though? Forget it! :P

I still have many more games to go through, but so far I’m pretty impressed with how Skyrim performed. I don’t think it’ll completely replace my Logitech Controllers, but for versatility this stands a good chance. I’ll have to see how some Hack n Slashes and FPS games perform with it. Perhaps today during my lunch hour I’ll play with it some more using the gaming laptop. I already put some configs on there for a few games I might play today, depending on my mood.

SNES controller is making a comeback
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This could be neat neat for people who run Nintendo emulators, or just pure nostalgia. :D I might consider getting one in the future to play some old Mario games in my favorite emulator.

With its classic gray body and purple buttons, the SNES30 looks like a replica of the Super Nintendo controller of your youth. But this one supports both Bluetooth and USB, making it easy to adapt it to use while playing your favorite modern games-the best of both worlds. You can use it for up to 20 hours before recharging, and the battery will recharge 1,000+ times.

Finding my footing.
Finding my footing. avatar

So far work has been going rather well. I’ve done a good job beating down every shipment that’s arrived. I had a load of 8 palates to tackle by myself last Thursday. We’re in full blown Holiday mode, or at least we’re getting there.

Adjusting my hours hasn’t been too much of a hassle. Although on my days off I’ve been sleeping at odd times if I get too bored, and since it’s been cold sleeping hasn’t been an issue. I still think I need to find my balance, but at least I have an idea of what I need to do.

Speaking of the Holidays I did some Holiday shopping yesterday from the comfort of home, my favorite way to shop. :P Hopefully things arrive on time so I can send things out. Though since I’m a Slacker I’m sure I’ll be late… somehow.

Vizio TV’s are the Big Brotherlyist of all.
Vizio TV’s are the Big Brotherlyist of all. avatar

Well, this is good information for people who are interested in purchasing a Smart TV.

Vizio’s TVs capture what you’re watching, when, and how — so, for example, they know if you’re watching live broadcast TV, or something on your DVR, or on-demand programming from your cable provider, or an app like Netflix. All of the smart TVs can do that. But Vizio then goes farther: they then match that data to your IP address, which makes it personal. Because from your IP address, they can match it to third-party data sources that have a pretty good fix on your other demographic information: age, income, gender, and other marketable bits of information.

Not that I’d ever buy a Smart TV let alone a Vizio. Vizio’s suck. I find it’s better to get a regular TV and add a separate streaming device to it. Roku’s for example don’t Ad Target you, they have ads yes but it’s like normal cable when it comes to commercials (only with less commercials!). They’re random, not targeted. If I have to see any commercials/ads I like them randomized. It’s less creepy and hey, I might see something I never even heard of before.