Sometimes it pays to have multiple systems at your disposal

I have been toying with the idea of setting up OBS to record games from one computer to another. For example setting up an extra computer such as the HTPC or my laptop to catch the feed from my main gaming computer and record it. For example; games that run on Vulkan or DirectX 12. I could set my main computer to record the entire desktop instead of a window, do my recording, then move it over to my main system for video editing.

Instead of setting up another computer with a capture card I instead found this plugin which will enable me to stream over LAN to a specified system. I’ll have to play with it first to see if it’s as reliable as it sounds. I’ve heard there might be some delay in audio, but that sounds like a particular setup issue that already has a couple workarounds from what I’ve read.

Another method I was also considering, or revisiting rather, was using Steam in home streaming to stream my gameplay on an extra system, then use OBS to remotely record. This won’t work with everything, like if I wanted to record and stream DOS or older games for example (haven’t tested if Vulkan or DX12 will work), but could be another alternative.

I will have to get a bit of a hands on experience at some point when I have the time and the need to do so. Not sure if I’ll have time this weekend. There are rituals to tend to.

I think this might be an open thread


Sadly there was never a time today where I had a chance to share my middle finger with the world, although I won’t deny that I thought about it for several hours. But then I lost my mojo when I finished getting my hair massaged into a blue silver (or bluver as I like to call it).

Anyways, this is probably an open thread. Feel free to go nuttier than usual. I’ll be having crazy ass watermelon dreams… but not about ass watermelons! No one should dream about those.

Evening Open Thread

We had rain today. It was nice to sit inside drinking warm beverages, lighting the dark and dank with scented fucking candles(tm) and cleaning my bedding for a good night’s sleep.

I made a weird soup tonight that was actually quite delicious; Corn bacon chowder. It sounds rather funny, but if you remember the golden rule of bacon it’s that it goes with everything. Of course I didn’t just slam bacon and corn together, there was also milk, fresh thyme, onion and potatoes. Also the corn was creamed. trollface Turned out quite better than I thought it would, though a bit sweet because sweetcorn. I’ll have to remember this one.

Since this blog has a lot of gaming and food related posts, I would like to wrap up this particular one that combines the two well… Gordon Ramsey in his finest work; a Fallout 4 video. trollface

Oh! It looks like he made a sequel.

Round and round we go.


I had a long talk with my webhost today, sadly nothing was resolved. It seems they did what they could from their end but couldn’t detect anything wrong between my server box and home connection. They recommended talking to my ISP and believe it’s on their end. I have my doubts but will undergo their suggestion. I find it interesting that I can load my dentists website which is being run through the exact same host, but on a different account and server, yet mine remains inaccessible. rick

Fortunately I have my website tied to wordpress,com, which enables me to post here without having to access the site admin panel. I had to stop using a proxy to access my posts panel, as it prevented me from certain features. If it weren’t for this and Bong’s backup mumble server I would be a tad more stressed. Still, if this keeps up I’ll have to look into leaving bluehost behind, which I would rather not do. Everything else up until now has worked fine.


Saturday Night Open Thread

I’m still having issues getting to my website at home. If this doesn’t clear up before I wake up tomorrow I’ll get a hold of them again and see if this can be sorted. I can get to it just fine if I’m at work, on my neighbor’s connection, or via proxy but not from home… which makes me think my IP address is blocked for whatever reason. I’m not entirely sure why, but if this doesn’t get resolved I will be looking into other hosting alternatives. zorak

Thank the nine divines for proxies.


I’m still not able to get to my website(s) at home via direct connection, but have decided to use a proxy server to get around the issue for the time being. I’m not able to do the same for Mumble server, meaning using the alternative method. But at least I’m able to post to the blog if I go through a proxy. Meaning I can still write my drivel. melon