The Overlord’s Elixir

This doesn’t count as a tea, but sour watermelon “tea” is heavenly hydration at its best.

We all know watermelon is the king of summer. In ancient times, travelers kept themselves refreshed by carrying watermelons instead of water while crossing the African Kalahari Desert. Today, this sweet pink fruit has become a staple at barbecues, pool parties and picnics. But if you ask us, this tart and juicy brew takes our favourite melon to a whole other level. Try it on ice with sparkling water, honey and a squeeze of lime – it’s the ultimate summer thirst quencher. Pucker up!

Damn you Canada! I predict I’ll be ordering this for as long as I can. melon

Sunday Night Open Thread

I don’t have much to say. Been playing around with some of my stuff from the Steam Sale, took a break to chill in the Gmod Cinema with friends. Then we had a look at potential maps for the Quake III FFA server. I’ve collected some nice candidates for installation tomorrow. I’ve found quite a few websites with relatively new maps! I shouldn’t be surprised given Doom still has a large group of modders to this day. The old school websites are still around, and I’ve even discovered ones I never knew about before. This place looks quite promising. Considering I haven’t added any maps to the game since the early 2000’s I’d say the time is overdue. melon

Like a phoenix from the ashes

The people have complained, and Rockstar listened:

Grand Theft Auto V [official site] developers Rockstar Games appear to have talked parent company Take-Two Interactive out of shutting down OpenIV, a modding tool for GTA IV and V. This is good news. The makers of OpenIV received a cease-and-desist letter from Take-Two earlier this month, prompting outrage from players, but Rockstar have confirmed that Take-Two will now focus its ire only on mods that affect GTA Online in an attempt to crack down on hackers.

Open IV has just been updated with a new version, too, so it definitely lives.

As a result I’ve renewed my interest in getting my hands on this game, just going to wait for it to go down a bit further. razz

Here come’s summer

The last couple of days have been quite scorching! Today was 39 C, if I didn’t have to work I probably would have gone to the beach or river. I can definitely feel summer in the air. I didn’t even feel like playing anything, too warm and tired. I’m going to have fun trying to sleep tonight. unamused

Speaking of summer the Steam Summer Sale is a thing right now. Does anyone have their sights on some entertainment? I got some Sonic Racing DLC, the new Shantae and the latest Deus Ex to torture myself with. I considered getting RE7 but thought I’d hold off for now. Same with Dishonored 2 and Prey. Though in the days ahead I’m sure I’ll blow my steam gift card and most likely some of my own cash on my vast and infinite library of games. v

Walk in the fabulous boots of another

Every time I pickup this game I continue to be impressed by my findings. I’ve made it past the underground portion, and as I play from 9S’s perspective I learn interesting things. For example the crazed opera bot ended up the way she was because of someone that would not return her love, and ended up going crazy trying to become “beautiful”. Then finding out Adam and Eve’s intrigue with humans to the point of studying every bit they can, all the way down to why they are wearing underwear.

Of course it would be more practical to have something to cover up in the first place… Though I suppose it’s not all about playing coverup, sometimes it’s nice to wear something to make yourself feel good be it your fellow machines or a pink bow.

I’ve also been improving at the hacking game, been taking down bosses and enemies much faster that way. I think I still prefer slashing them to death, but it is nice to play from another perspective.

Sunday Evening Open Thread

I survived another week, barely. The first thing I did when I made it home yesterday was take a long well deserved nap. Then I got up for a couple hours to eat and do a couple things, then went back into sleep mode. Woke up to a nice sunny day, it’s currently 29C out with a nice ocean breeze. cool

I decided to start back up on NieR: Automata for awhile, progressed a little further as 9S. I should be getting close to the machine orgy that took place when I was playing from 2B’s perspective. So far it’s basically been the same route, but instead of being a badass hack n slash android I’m a supporting hacker badass android. Every time I hack it looks like this:

The layout changes with every machine you hack, though sometimes you do run into repeats with low level robots. I took a break after hacking the tank in the desert. Then I noticed some people on the L4D2 server and went in to say hello. It’s a good thing I did too; I learned that the campaign Vienna Calling no longer works properly. We made it to the finale and when we expected a tank to appear we were stood up… When everyone cleared out I deleted the vpk from the server, sucks… That was a fun one to play. At some point I need to find new campaigns to add to the server, just seems boring to test them out alone though.

Fun Fact: 48% of Americans don’t know where chocolate milk comes from

To think I’ve been mixing that stuff since childhood. I must be a fucking genius…

Even though the term “chocolate milk” may seem pretty self-explanatory, a large number of people apparently think there is some secret alchemy involved in brewing this mysterious elixir..

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy surveyed 1,000 adults, representing all 50 states, about their knowledge and use of dairy products.

The most attention-getting stat was 48% of people didn’t know how chocolate milk is made, while 7% believe that it comes from brown cows.

Brought to you by the same country that put a tangerine nazi rape clown in charge of the free world.