PC Skyrim does what Nintendon’t

Not my actual hands

They got it working at a solid 30fps by sacrificing some details, which is funny if you think about it… They graphically dumbed down a remaster of a game from 2011… let that sink in for a minute. zorak  Bethesda gave Skyrim a graphical overhaul, they improved texturing, added godrays, changed meshes, then the Nintendo Switch comes around and they weaken that shit to lower than the 2011 version. This isn’t a complaint about graphics, I’m merely observing that Bethesda worked hard to update the game to take advantage of newer hardware, and then they took that SAME new version they created, and dumbed it down so the switch wouldn’t choke. They hate the 2011 version that much.

One of my co-workers, the male Bayonetta looking one, is thinking of getting it for portability reasons. I’ll continue to play with it on my gaming laptop… razz Not the remaster either. I’m wondering what the next platform it’ll be released on. iOS for $59.99? Hell, they’re releasing the same game in VR form for another $59.99 because Bethesda clearly hasn’t made enough money yet. I wonder what microtransactions that one will have… hmm

DOOM and the Steam Controller.

On my first playthrough of the 2016 DOOM I wondered what it would be like to play the game on the Steam Controller. I figured it must be a good pairing, considering during certain sales they could be purchased as a bundle. But I figured DOOM sounded like a good one to play, to experiment with a controller AND see how nice it runs on the new laptop. Nothing disappointed. I did a shit ton of glory kills, and I tweaked the config a bit for better gyro/mouse sensitivity. I will admit, it still takes some practice getting oriented to the controller. But I’ve adapted quite well to other FPS games (Serious Sam’s, Shadow Warrior, Quake 3) using it, this doesn’t seem all that different.

Never thought I’d love a controller so much. zorak

Another one joins the PC Master Race

I’m overdue for an update… I’ve been busy introducing my next door neighbor to PC Gaming on his new (and my old) gaming laptop. I threw in some freebies, like the old Quakes and Dooms, added some emulators and even got to setup his choice of controller. He has a Dualshock 4 which has been quite an educational experience. I had to trick it into thinking it was an XBox controller so it could play Playstation 1 games… I know why I need to do that, but when I stop to actually think about it my brain hurts. We also threw in some Steam games, played Borderlands 2 with him last night. This year will be his first Steam winter sale, this should be good. grin I don’t know many PC Gamers in town apart from the ones I’ve sold my old laptops to. Makes me feel slightly less alone. melon

I have to say the Dualshock 4 is a nice little controller, it has a customizable light on the front, it can also be used as a mouse. I already knew that to be true but playing with it in person was fun, and now I’m more well informed for the future if anyone has questions about it. And of course it has a built in gyro, unlike Microsoft’s latest controllers… even the fucking pro controller doesn’t have a gyro. Leave it to Microsoft to go “fuck the gyro… LONGER ANALOG STICKS ARE FAAAAR MORE SUPERIOR!!!!! PRAISE CORTANA!!!” assy

I’ve also put together gzdoom again with Brutal Doom and some other mods… need to dig out my other old mods from back in the day. Perhaps I might livestream it? Playing the game, not finding the mods. razz Watching me dig through old CD’s from way back when would probably put people to sleep… and horrify people at the same time. Actually wait… I think that’s just everything I do. rick

Check out mah new cans

Yesterday I had another nice bit of gaming tech delivered to my house. The guy whose buying my old gaming laptop needs proper gear for playing (he’s new to PC gaming, only ever played on console), so I sold him my old wireless Creative Tactical3D Rage headset for a few bucks and got myself a Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum.

One thing that I know from experience with other Logitech headsets is how comfortable they are. I have a fat head and my ego needs to fit between some nice gaming cans.And while I liked the sound options on the Rage, the top of my head started to hurt after about 45 minutes of wearing during lunch. It didn’t used to be this way for me, but ever since I invested in some professional Audio Technica cans for video/audio editing I’ve been quite spoiled with pillow like headphones. I bought some Logitech headphones as a gift for my fathers birthday a couple years ago, and one day he let me borrow them while my Rage was recharging, and I remember how comfortable they were. I told myself I had to get a wireless equivalent.

Plugging them into my desktop to test it detected my Logitech G510 gaming keyboard, which at the moment I had set to a red glow. The headset synced up with my keyboard to match, not the main reason for buying but that’s cool I guess if you want to match your gear or whatever. You can also set it to pulsate or change from color to color on it’s own. It also has GKeys, which you might wonder… why? Not only do I plan to use this with my laptop but I also intend to use the headset with the HTPC in the living room. If I’m in Mumble or Discord it would be nice to bind the push to talk key while getting a bite to eat (I promise I won’t talk to you in the bathroom… unless the laptop is in there with me).

The dongle can be stored inside one of the ears, the dongle itself is larger than most modern day receivers, but the reasoning behind this one is the ability to plug in another device through aux. It even comes with an aux cable, RCA and some adapters. So if I wanted to listen to my PC’s while also playing my PS3 for example I can now do both without sacrifice. I tested them yesterday with my mp3 player and it worked perfectly.

It also has a 7.1 surround sound mode that can be enabled or disabled. I tested with Skyrim, and it was IMMERSIVEtm. I heard wind in one direction, the pitter patter of a a fox in another direction, the nagging of an NPC in front of me and squabbling behind me. I like blocking out most of reality when I’m on lunch and I’m rather certain this will fit the bill.

Overall I say they are quite impressive. I got them for $80 off ebay as a new refurbished item and they’re not disappointing. Considering these go for $199.99 new I’d say I got a more than fair deal.

Evening Open Thread

I’m not in much of a posty mood tonight. I’ve come down with a case of the I don’t give a fucks, and want to suggest that if you haven’t checked out the blogs in my list for additional reading material feel free. For example my partner in crime, Yutram, has a blog Diagram Mine where he plans to write about games and tea, kinda like this place only he has a semi-schedule and an idea in his head about what to actually post.

Read those, and I’ll try to work up some energy for something to write about tomorrow. Could be a new headset, could be Sonic Forces, could be cake… ? Melon cake? melon

I found a program called 8GadgetPack

I found a cool program called 8GadgetPack that lets you use Windows 7 gadgets on your desktop under Windows 10, it comes with a bunch of gadgets I’ll never use but it does have everything that I did use under my old 7 setup. I know I could do similar things with the Windows 10 start menu but that’s one extra click and I’m lazy… Besides, if I can have gadgets under Linux I damn well better be able to have them under Windoze too. zorak

My craving for adventure has yet to be quenched.

Pumpkin what?

Rise Of The Tomb Raider passes the Skyrim test, in the sense that I thought I only played for a little over an hour but it turned into several hours instead. I’ve been tracking down everything that shows up on my map, surprises that don’t, finding maps that point out even more stuff, picking that up, and maybe a cave/tomb here or there. And finally tonight I progressed through the main storyline to the point of arriving in a village where there are no watermelons… Perhaps if I save these people they’ll grow a watermelon patch in my honor.

I get the feeling that I should install this on my laptop. Really spice up my lunch break (but NOT pumpkin spice), should be interesting to see how well (and long) I can get this to perform on battery.

Lesson learned about DirectX12 and OBS Studio

At first glance I thought DirectX12 was working fine under OBS Studio, but it turns out it was actually capturing the entire screen (I knew something was up when I saw the FPS counter in the recording window), which isn’t very good… Hopefully they get support up for DX12 and Vulkan sometime in the future. I’m not entirely sure why they haven’t at this point, especially on the Vulkan side of things. DOOM and Quake Champions use Vulkan, Serious Sam Fusion Beta and Talos Principle, are using Vulkan as well, Dota 2 is using Vulkan, Mad Max, Rust, the list continues to grow… not sure why they only have DX11/OpenGL and older. zorak