Evening Open Thread

There wasn’t much to today. Work was quiet, home life was quiet, etc. I bought some plain yogurt and flavored it with banana, coconut, crushed walnuts, grated ginger and honey. I saw watermelons today, but they’re not going to taste right just yet. Especially for the price…

When summer comes around and watermelons are at their best I want to buy some and make desserts with them. Scoop out the melon part and put it back in with some other fruits, maybe top with whip cream and maybe cherries. v

As the title says this is an open thread. Post about whatever.

Carmageddon: Max Damage Trumps Reincarnation

A gelatinous orange shit stain graces my car. Is this covered by the AHCA?

I learned a couple things recently. I learned that Carmageddon: Max Damage is basically Carmageddon Reincarnation but far more optimized. Same game engine, same graphics options, but with faster loadtimes and even extra gamemodes:

Apparently there was a political update to the game around the time of the last election, which I either completely missed or completely forgot when Dolt 45 claimed victory. At least I’m pretty sure this was released during the election season, because if it were a recent addition I’m kinda pissed that they didn’t include an unlockable Sean Spicer Podium car! Imagine all damage you could do to the crowds of people with that thing. trollface

In this pic I’m running the game in what’s called “Mass Debate Mode” which replaces all pedestrians with Trump and Hillary. They even have custom voice lines, both actual quotes AND some tweaked to fit into the spirit of the game. Needless to say it put me in a mood to try and paint the town orange (as seen in the first pic). Splattering Hillary left a lovely shade of Blukakke, but in all honesty Trump is a YUGE target, therefore BIGLY hard to miss.

Even the cows are not sacred in this mode.

The cows have presidential hair for both candidates. Snapping a pic of the one with Trump seemed more fitting IMO, you know… Trump Steaks and all that jizz. trollface

Not sure if happy or constipated.

I regret nothing in preordering this game. NOTHING. These shenanigans, the powerups, the cars, the everything have been worth it to me. They really did Make Carmageddon Great Again. trollface

Kicking off my weekend the right way

By beating up the gmod sandbox with friends. I downloaded a new horror based map to the server and we decided to check it out. I did manage to grab some video footage for a video sometime in the near future. trollface

Yutram also made a perfect outfit to go with the horror theme.

Complete with tiny baby hands and everything.

Then we decided to chill at Black Mesa after hours where other horrible stuff happened, we found twins!

I also managed to capture footage of that as well, not sure if I’ll work on it tomorrow or if I’ll mess around in more games. I’ll sleep on it I guess. melon

Trying to get even more tea into my life

As quite a few people know I’m a tea addict. In fact I’m trying to replace my daily Gatorade consumption with tea, so I’ve been making attempts to ween myself off of the stuff. I don’t think I’ll completely rid myself of it but I want to try and cut down. Lately my freight loads haven’t had me drinking like a fish like when I first started. The joys of becoming more macho. trollface

I bought a glass travel infuser, and I took it to work today with a nice cold brew of Mango Ceylon tea which lasted me the entire shift. The double walled glass design keeps it cool (or hot if you prefer) for quite sometime. I plan to do the same tomorrow as well with some Black Cherry tea. I might have to buy a spare depending on how well this plays out.

Originally when I tried to lookup if they had a website it didn’t exist, but now it seems they’ve established one as you can see from the link above. I’ll be looking forward to their new teas, and I may consider buying a few of their other products. The iced tea pitcher and some of the other mugs and infusers look pretty swank.

The raping will continue until morale improves

Considering this comes from Oklahoma you can color me not surprised…

Debating an Oklahoma bill that would outlaw abortion in cases of genetic abnormalities or Down syndrome, state Rep. George Faught (R) responded to a question about abortion in cases of rape or incest by confidently stating that in many biblical cases, God wanted women to get raped. Well, why didn’t Faught tell women who have been raped this comforting news sooner?


So god frowns upon abortion, but it’s perfectly ok for a woman to be raped. I wonder if he would feel the same way if this happened to someone close to him in his life. Or worse yet I wonder how he would feel about rape if it happened to him. I wonder how he would feel if his fate was to be unwillingly tied up while drugged and penetrated with a cucumber rolled in glue, salt and glass. roll Sorry, god works in mysterious ways! And he said you needed more veggies in your diet! He just didn’t say how…

Williams followed up: “Is incest the will of God?”

Told by Faught that his questions didn’t “deal with this bill,” Williams persisted, stating, “You won’t make any exceptions for rape, you won’t make any exceptions for incest in this and you are proffering divine intervention as the reason why you won’t do that. I think it is very important. This body wants to know, myself personally, whether you believe rape and incest are actually the will of God.”

“It’s a great question to ask, and, obviously if it happens in someone’s life, it may not be the best thing that ever happened,” responded Faught. “But, so you’re saying that God is not sovereign with every activity that happens in someone’s life and can’t use anything and everything in someone’s life, and I disagree with that.”

The sad part is that once the child is born these religious retards won’t give a flying fuck about their well being. They did gods work and that’s all that matters to them. Considering one of the topics they discussed was incest, which introduces numerous health issues, it would seem more cruel to bring a life into this world with such horrific problems that they would eventually pass away from than to have an abortion in the first place. But then these are the same people that could care less if poorer children aren’t able to have access to proper nutrition and healthcare. mad

Victory! For now…

I’m happy to have come home and found that the healthcare system wasn’t replaced by that anal leakage cespool of a proposal. This isn’t over yet, not by a longshot… They fought for 7 years to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act and I’m sure the next 4 years won’t be any different. They won’t stop until they get what they want, the suffering of the middle class downward. This administration has made no bones showing they are at war with anyone who isn’t as rich, pale or religious as they are.

In the meantime I can rest knowing that for the time being my friends and family members who depend on it are safe for the time being.

It’s possible to play the latest Zelda game on PC

Considering this bit of news and all of the high praise I’ve read/heard from friends I might actually have to buy a Wii-U copy to play once they get all the kinks worked out.

CEMU, an emulator that lets people play Wii U games on their PC, has come a long way since it struggled with Mario Kart 8: next month, it’ll be running the latest Zelda game in an entirely playable state.

And much like the article points out further in this is an unusual thing, getting a brand new AAA console title to run in an emulator takes a long time (look at the PS3 and Xbox emulators for example).  Either way it’ll make an interesting conversational piece when I talk with the lads at work who have been making fun of me for not owning the game let alone the console to play it on. trollface


So here I was minding my own business, watching the servers when I notice a young dumbass on the elevator server (surprise surprise). I saved the chatlog, it’s a good read.

Jacket: i love niggers
Jacket: ancore
Jacket: stop
Console: I love banning people that say the n word.
Jacket: sorry
Console: You will be if you keep it up m8
Jacket: k fam
Mr.PoopyButtHole: Fuck niggers
Console: Stupid is as stupid does… give me a second and you’ll be out of here. smile
Console: WelcomingCommittee.exe is being dispatched
Mr.PoopyButtHole: no
Console: Too late
Jacket: xdddd
Mr.PoopyButtHole: Rawr xd
Client “OverlordTomala” connected (
OverlordTomala blinded Mr.PoopyButtHole by amount 255
OverlordTomala: …. Did someone order a beating with extra banhammer?
Mr.PoopyButtHole: no
OverlordTomala froze Mr.PoopyButtHole
ServerLog: [ULX] OverlordTomala froze Mr.PoopyButtHole
OverlordTomala unblinded Mr.PoopyButtHole
ServerLog: [ULX] OverlordTomala unblinded Mr.PoopyButtHole
Mr.PoopyButtHole: pls man
Mr.PoopyButtHole: its just a prank
Mr.PoopyButtHole: pls man no
OverlordTomala: Stupidity isn’t allowed on this server.
OverlordTomala: You broke the fucking law.
Mr.PoopyButtHole: ok sorry
Console: nor racism…
Jacket: it was just a meme bro
OverlordTomala: Your memes are shit
Mr.PoopyButtHole: k
Jacket: rawr xddddd
Jacket: how dare you say my memes are trash
Mr.PoopyButtHole: pls man
Mr.PoopyButtHole: pls man
OverlordTomala: Your memes end here.
Mr.PoopyButtHole: NOP
Mr.PoopyButtHole: NO
Mr.PoopyButtHole: PLS
Mr.PoopyButtHole: NOOOO
Mr.PoopyButtHole: DONT MAN
Jacket: omg im dying
Mr.PoopyButtHole: ILL SUCK YO SIXK
Mr.PoopyButtHole: DICK
Jacket: i cant stop laughing
OverlordTomala has crashbanned Mr.PoopyButtHole
ServerLog: [ULX] OverlordTomala has crashbanned Mr.PoopyButtHole
(SILENT) Mr.PoopyButtHole is being banned
ServerLog: [ULX] (SILENT) Mr.PoopyButtHole is being banned
Jacket: your awsome
Jacket: dude
Jacket: my friend says hes sorry,
OverlordTomala: lol I’m sure he is…
Jacket: yeah i know
Console: Judging by the way he was acting, no…
Mr.PoopyButtHole was banned permanently (reason)
Dropped Mr.PoopyButtHole from server (Mr.PoopyButtHole timed out)
Writing cfg/banned_user.cfg.
OverlordTomala: No. I’m sure he’s sorry… For getting caught
Jacket: yeah
Jacket: so,
Jacket: hows your day?
Console: great until now, we hate doing this but it is necessary.
Jacket: ok
OverlordTomala: Time to add another face to the wall of shame
say yup…
Console: yup…
Dropped Jacket from server (Disconnect by user.)
say lol
Console: lol
OverlordTomala: Damn, I was gonna give him a url. :v
Dropped OverlordTomala from server (Disconnect by user.)

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard kids use “meme” as an excuse. Even if it was a meme it would still be irrelevant. We’re here to have fun, saying racial slurs because it’s a “meme” or any other bullshit reason isn’t our kind of fun. However, we will have fun banning people who use them. trollface And of course he was added to the Wall Of Shame.