Early Morning Open Thread
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The weirdos have been out in full force. I was working tonight and we had a drunkard wander in looking for a solar charger, and getting pissy when we said we didn’t carry any. And yesterday I had an old man tell me that I’m an angel in disguise… okay? Not sure what he meant by that. If he saw my mad skyrim skillz he’d see I’ve become the angel of death… who happens to kill things that are already dead.


I know one thing, he didn’t mean Angel Of Darkness.


Someday… If I have enough alcohol I may be able to finish the first level.

So, Arkham Knight was destined to suck?
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I’m not entirely surprised by this, but there is a possibility that Warner Bros knew about the problems with the PC port of Arkham Knight and decided to release it anyway.

“I will say that it’s pretty rich for WB to act like they had no idea the game was in such a horrible state,” said one quality assurance tester who worked on the game for years. “It’s been like this for months and all the problems we see now were the exact same, unchanged, almost a year ago.”

I think the new Steam refund policy was a crucial role in this incident. I don’t think WB expected a mass volume of people demanding to get their money back for such a poorly ported game, hence they pulled it from everywhere. Steam is the biggest distribution service for PC games, and to have your game be the most refunded is a pretty bad mark against you.

Now if they could just fix the refund system so that small indies don’t get screwed by people who buy their small games just to finish them in half an hour and ask for a refund… But that’s another issue.

Open Thread
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I didn’t get much sleep this morning, although on the bright side I did fall asleep quickly when I went to bed instead of falling asleep just a few hours before waking up. I’m less groggy that way.

I had a very busy morning/afternoon. Sold lots of streaming devices, some mp3 players a couple phones and Rokus. Also had a few people wanting me to go out with them. Wanting me to go out for coffee, or wondering what my days off are… Too bad I hate coffee and never know when my days off are. Oh, and too bad I don’t really want to date customers or employees. Which is pretty much everyone in town. People think I’m insane for keeping those as my principals, but I like playing it safe. In this day and age it just takes one thing to mess things up and you could lose your job, not to mention make me look unprofessional. I’ve seen guys n girls come around while people are working and sometimes you can tell it can be very distracting.

Besides. It would take at least an army to put up with me. :v In some ways being antisocial can be a good public service.

Finally had a proper weekend
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I didn’t get to go out and treat myself to anything, but I did relax quite a bit. Banning asshats from my servers, the usual skyrim and setting up an email address and a blog for someone. They’re new to blogging and I can tell they’re going to be needing quite a bit of advice. But hey, it’s always a bit bumpy when you’re starting something new.

I also did some shopping. :D I have some paint and straps coming in the mail for my semi secret Halloween project. I needed to get more blue metallic testors paint for my mask, and also opted to get some red metallic. It’s been fun working on it, I might even expand the costume a bit more next year. This mask looks too nice to use just once. Unfortunately I probably won’t share public pictures because it does expose quite a bit of my face. :v

I should probably get some sleep. I have a long day tomorrow and it starts early. I’ll definitely be taking my Laptop for some fun lunch time shenanigans.

So, about my weekend… Part 2
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I got a call from my old section today. They’re down two people due to sick calls, and have been getting called to go down and check like crazy. So it looks like I’ll be making some overtime money today… I’m happy and kinda bummed at the same time since I did make some plans to just go out and enjoy myself. But I still have tomorrow off, and my next days off are actually much closer. Although that could change too…

The way the store is being run is ridiculous now. We’re down 56 people and can’t hire anyone new because it’s handled at the corporate level, and they can only see that we need 3 positions filled. Our store director hasn’t bothered to correct the information. No one from the other stores are wanting to apply, and the remaining people that we do have are being copious amounts of overtime. I seriously don’t get it. If they hired more people there would be less overtime, and the company would actually save money.

Either way I’ve made it clear that I’ll only help other departments if I get overtime. I’ll get paid more and it’ll hit them where it hurts, their bonus checks.