There is a video on the way… eventually.
There is a video on the way… eventually. avatar

I decided to be productive-ish and work on a video I’ve been meaning to finish (I also made homemade mac n cheese, it was gooood). I’m still not close to being done, maybe 1/4th of the way if anything. But I want this to be more than just a “lets play”. I said earlier this month that I wanted to add character representations of myself (and others if available) into my future projects instead of just doing straight recordings. To whet some appetites I did take make a couple pics to share.


I have a little more of “myself” to animate, but I have over half of THAT portion done. Then it’s onto Yutram and DG who will be easy in the sense that they have limbs to operate but no face. Which compliments my character who is all eye and no body, but that’ll change for a couple seconds later into the video. I experimented with cloaking and particles to make a magical transformation scene.


As clearly detailed by that picture, I’m morphing from one ball into two balls. Actually once the video is done you’ll be able to see what model those two balls belong to… Heh, don’t worry. It’s not like that at all. I mean c’mon, this isn’t RedTube.

John Romero is at it again.
John Romero is at it again. avatar

With my lack of blogging lately I’ve decided to make up for it a bit… kinda.


John Romero has been back in the news a bit. He released a DooM WAD which I’ve heard excellent things about, and now he’s talking about making a new FPS.

“I’m really excited to start making it because it’s just a great idea. Instead of just pumping out game after game after game, it’s like waiting to come up with something that’s really unique, that no-one’s seen before, and enables you to make something that you hope will be really amazing. So, we’ll see. It’s got a pretty cool fiction around it. It’s got an interesting story.”

I hope he learned from Daikatana 2. Because that was a disaster… I will have to check out his new DooM level though, I’ve been hearing excellent things about it.

Final Conclusion: Steam Controller is all kinds of awesome
Final Conclusion: Steam Controller is all kinds of awesome avatar


I posted my Steam Controller review the other day via Steam (What a shocker). In case anyone didn’t see it I’ve decided to put a link to it here. Surprisingly I was 99% serious in my review. But considering a broken clock is right twice a day I guess it was bound to happen. Here’s the the review.

Ohai Blog
Ohai Blog avatar

I’ve been at a loss lately. I haven’t really felt the need to write anything lately because there really hasn’t been much to write about. So many people dying, and Windows 10 still sucks. Not really much to write about really. Though I might write about some Win 10 related stuff at some point.

I’ve been playing with my Steam Controller still. They released a new update that makes it easier to use non-steam games and games that don’t work well with the Big Picture UI. I tested with Tomb Raider 2 and got excellent results. I also tested the controller with Devil May Cry since I haven’t really done much Hack n Slash with the controller yet. I think I’m almost ready to write a review for it as soon as I get some more games under my belt.

And work hasn’t really been exciting lately either. I should probably continue working on my video project. I keep looking at it when I’m tired and think “I have forever to go”. It doesn’t help that the weather has sucked so much lately. I don’t really feel like animating in bed. I could do it if I wanted to but I prefer being up and about with two monitors at my disposal.

First Open Thread Of 2016
First Open Thread Of 2016 avatar

The new year has been pretty boring. Work has been pretty steady, and every day off I’ve had so far has been too friggen cold for me to go out and wreck the town. I got out of my PJ’s, took a shower, and got back into fresh PJ’s to give you an idea. So I’ve been pretty much staying in bed and playing. I decided to play a little bit of Half Life: Blue Shift on the Steam Controller today with a custom config someone wrote. I’ve also been working on my latest video project, which has forced my hand at trying to remember all the in’s and outs of Source Filmmaker. Goes to show I really need to get back into animating, I’ve really gone stale. I forgot how to copy animation sets and had to lookup a tutorial. DERP.

The other day when I wasn’t feeling well I decided to venture off into a game called “Life Is Strange” which I’ve been meaning to play. It’s one of those choose your own path type story games, and the protagonist has the ability to rewind time. So if you don’t like how one particular situation, or if you messed something up you can just rewind time. I made it to episode two before I decided to take a break from it. So far I like it, this game gives me the feels at particular situations.

And the protagonist… I know I’ve seen her somewhere before.