Podcast warning

Next Sunday (the 29th) I’ll be recording our first Breakroom podcast. I can’t guarantee if I’ll be uploading it right away but it will be done in one form or another. I originally thought about doing it live, but for now I think I’ll just pre-record and see how it goes..

I’m keeping a list of things we’ll be talking about. One of the top ones is microtransactions. If there are any other suggestions feel free to list them.

Slackin’ Saints

My busy schedule has prevented me from playing with other people as much as I would like to, which is why when I do finally get the chance it’s really nice. Today I did something different and played Saints Row 4 with a partner.

That unusual moment where the guy is wearing less clothes than the gal. Options is awesome.

Yutram fashioned his character to look like Atrus from the Myst series (btw Myst was created by the creators of Myst and Riven if you didn’t already know), or as he likes to call him in SR4 “The Dominatrus”. trollface We had more than a fabulous time doing missions together and causing so much simulated chaos, and we looked good while doing so. razz

Here, lets make this fun. If anyone wants to, share a pic of your Saints Row 4 character in this thread (and if you’re bored even a possible backstory). My character doesn’t really have much of a backstory since it’s basically me with spiky white hair, and I already have kind of a bum left eye, though depending on how creative my special totally legal chocolate enhances my imagination that could very well change… Meanwhile I’m almost certain the Dominatrus probably has more of an interesting backstory. trollface

They moved the goal post on me

Checked FedEx today, seems my laptop should be arriving on Monday. I have plenty of other things to keep me preoccupied until then. I’m beat enough as it is, came home tired, cold and hungry and now I’m full of food and chocolate chai with a little rum for a relaxing buzz. It’s amazing, drinking is supposed to make things look better from what I hear. But I’m on my 4th beverage and no matter what this just makes me ask… why?

Fast forward to 2017, and I named my Steam Controller “Gabe’s Nipples”… You can thank Bong for sharing this with me. He’s always good at sharing things that could potentially traumatize me. But hey, what are friends for? trollface Feel free to post anything in the thread here, I’m declaring it open.

So much for the laptop…

Well, no laptop arrived today. I’m wondering if the FedEx peeps were high or something, I’ve been following the tracking and it went from expected to arrive today to “In Transit”. Not that I’m upset or anything, I had enough to deal with today. Apparently my desktop felt neglected with all these new devices coming into the home, and felt the need to throw a temper tantrum. It looks like I need to get some new drives and cables soon.

Lots of tech related purchases lately…

PS3 today. Laptop tomorrow.

I’ve been sick for the last couple days, but today was sooooo nice that it made up for it. I got my $10 PS3 and brought it home with me today! Been thoroughly testing it, plays old PS1 games so at least backwards comparability works.  That could come in handy for PS2 games that are wonky in the emulator, I’ll stick to playing old PS1 games on PC… better picture quality and performance. Now I’ll start collecting PS3 games that I’ve been wanting to play. I’ll obtain physical copies in hopes that someday the emulator will be ready for them, but for now my $10 investment should do fine. I do have to say the Dualshock 3 controllers are much lighter than I expected for some reason.

Even better news: My new gaming laptop should be arriving tomorrow. I’m hyped. grin I have a short work day tomorrow, so I’ll be eagerly awaiting my new arrival. Probably won’t have it ready for Saturday but I’ll definitely wow them at work on Tuesday.


The next door neighbor is interested in getting a gaming laptop, so I’ll be saying farewell to my G750JS for the G752VT. Got a good deal on ebay for $919 with free shipping! More toys to look forward to! More console peasants to troll!

Speaking of console peasants I MIGHT be getting a console. At work we recently unearthed a Playstation 3, and if it still works my boss is going to put it up for a money donation of $10. It looks like it might be the earlier model that lets you install linux, which could make a pretty penny if I decide to flip it. I’m thinking this would make a nice Blu Ray player, and maybe play some PS3 games that don’t quite work in the emulator just yet. Perhaps I’ll install linux on it and use it as a steam link. trollface

Playing with my new toys.

Well folks, yesterday was Friday the 13th and like every Friday the 13th I usually have a good day. My new camcorder arrived as well as the MicroSD card, there was even an accidental 2nd card! Popped it into my point n shoot camera and gave my brother my old 16GB to put in my older (now his) camcorder. I played around with it a bit yesterday and I love the butter smooth 60fps it delivers, whereas with my older camera I had to shoot in 1080i to get 59fps. But it was a good camera for its time.

I do say the cx440 feels pretty light compared to the old cx150 and they’re both about the size, smaller than a can of soda. Though that’s mostly because the cx150 had a built in 16GB hard drive, newer camcorders use flash media. I also love the 30x optical zoom vs the 25x, every little bit matters.

I don’t have anything to put on YouTube yet, but future cat footage will be shot with that camera… unless my cybershot is closer. That does 1080p60fps too but it’s more awkward to hold for filming. So, aside from pussy any other suggestions? trollface

Couldn’t of happened to a nicer company

Microtransactions are getting out of hand. I can understand them being used in multiplayer games like TF2, MMO’s etc, but single player games are where I have to draw the line. Seeing stuff like this puts a well deserved smile on my face.

Amid the divisive loot box trend, PC players have been finding their own way to deal, foremost in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. By using Cheat Engine scripts to give themselves unlimited Mirian, some players have found it’s possible to buy a infinite supply of loot and war chests, drowning themselves in uruks and gear. In the NeoGAF thread that tipped us off, members are going back and forth on the ethics of the exploit, and sharing methods for pulling it off.

Having this happen to WB makes it all the sweeter. trollface

Companies need to leave microtransactions to F2P or cheaper games. For fucks sake Shadow of War costs $60 or $80 if you buy the special edition… What these companies don’t realize is eventually these microtransactions will become overwhelming for gamers who like to play more than one game, what’s going to happen when all new launch titles have in game stores that nickle and dime you to death…  Of course I’ve had apologists tell me that they’re merely an option and are not a requirement to play games, but give it time…