We like to party!

Our Gmod servers have a bizarre collection of addons. You can find our collections on our group page.

We've got our eyes on you.

If we notice any trouble, such as trolls and other kinds of asshats coming in and spoiling other peoples fun, the admins will have fun fucking with them until they decide to finally ban the son's of bitches.

Come in and visit our Gmod cinema!

One of our best servers to just kick back and chill. For the best experience we recommend installing Mumble for heckling videos together.

The Guild Of Slackers in ESO

Once every blue moon we wander the land of Tamriel together or alone. If you'd like to join our guild feel free to catch one of us when we're online.

Welcome to our little slice of internet

Get ready to Mumble!

Get ready to Mumble!

Our group uses Mumble for voice chatting. Usually about modding Skyrim. :v

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Our community has a variety of dedicated servers to play with.

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